Headlines: Focus on Obama’s Visit to Britain . . .

Zerohedge: President Obama Explains To The Brits Why They Should Vote For An Undemocratic Super-State

The Obama Apology Tour rolls on as we detailed previously,despite vehement opposition from the British public and 100s of members of parliament, President Obama opined on Brexit – urging his “brothers in blood” to exercise their democratic right to vote No to Brexit and vote Yes to an Undemocratic Super-State. Side by side with his old friend David Cameron – who he just blamed for Libya’s demise – this press conference should be fun… (read more)

Zerohedge: London Mayor Slams “Part-Kenyan” Obama’s “Hypocritical” Brexit Diatribe

If Obama was seeking to infuriate even more people, or to push the odds of Brexit even higher with the Op-Ed he posted yesterday ahead of his London visit, he may have succeeded. Responding to President Obama’s “Just Say No” to Brexit Op-Ed, the Mayor of London – Tory big-hitter Boris Johnson – bites back at the “part-Kenyan’s ancestral dislike of the British Empire”, exclaiming that America would never surrender so much power to Brussels. . . (read more)

Obama’s Brexit comments draw rebuttal from Boris

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