Headlines, Friday, April 23, 2016

The Oracle Report, Friday, April 22, 2016 

“A special Late Edition of the Oracle Report will be posted later today.”

!!!!!!! Zerohedge: Obama Writes Op-Ed To “Blood Brother” Britain: Don’t Leave EU (Or Else) What does the ‘or else; mean? Maybe some visits from ISIS? 

!!!!!!! RT: Why Obama really wants Britain to stay in the EU… to impose TTIP on Europe – NGO

Zerohedge: A Great Awakening: Public Support For Fake “Free Trade” Deals Plunges

Zerohedge: The World’s Greatest Monetary Charlatan Is Nearly Out Of Tricks

The world’s greatest monetary charlatan is nearly out of tricks.Draghi pointedly backed off from helicopter money yesterday because the Germans have obviously drawn a line in the sand.

FDA Commissioner’s Parents Led Eugenics Society, Father Was Carnegie President (Video)

Hypocrisy: Hillary denounces Panama’s ‘outrageous tax havens’, yet many named in documents are Clinton donors

RT: Hillary PAC spending $1m to ‘forcefully correct’ social media trolls

!!! Bundy Sons Lose Bid for Release before Trial as Feds do all they can to Keep Cliven Bundy in Jail
 * * * 

Russia sends 30 tons of humanitarian aid to Ecuador after massive earthquake

Netanyahu calls out ‘red lines’ of Israel’s security at meeting with Putin

Chief Syrian diplomat: Terrorists coming to Syria with the consent and support of European intelligence agencies

Tsipras: Greece will not tolerate Erdogan’s violation of the country’s sovereignty

RT: ‘Kindly send us names and quotes insulting our president’: Ankara’s Consulate asks Dutch citizens 

. . . and . . . 

RT: Dutch PM seeks answers from Ankara as local Turks urged to report those insulting Erdogan

. . . and . . . 

RT: Turkey meets less than half of visa-free EU travel terms as deadline approaches – official

. . . and . . .

RT:  Awarded for WHAT? 5 [other] very awkward int’l prizes as Germany’s Merkel honored over EU migrant crisis

28 Pages: The mysterious “Document 17” that implicates Saudis

Saudis bankroll Brit MP visits, while bombing Yemen with British artillery

Ukraine’s attempt to join the ‘New Silk Road’ ends in abject failure

Pedophile prostitution trial implicates Netherlands elite, royalty

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