UPDATE: MORE Headlines, Friday, April 22, 2016

UPDATE: Earth Day: Lilou Mace: Living in harmony with all species – Paul Watson, Greenpeace & Sea Shepherd

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In view of these three recent posts, it has become very interesting to follow the news:

(Simon Parkes (the first ten minutes)

Cosmic Awareness Speaks to ‘Humanity’s Critical Space and Time’, April 17, 2016

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I urge everyone to follow Zerohedge.com. The news is flowing rapidly, and it is impossible to keep up with it all. ~J

Zerohedge: 47% Of Americans Can’t Even Come Up With $400 To Cover An Emergency Room Visit, by Michael Snyder

. . . but . . . 

Addicted to war: Since 1776, US has been at war 93% of the time – That’s 222 out of 239 years!

. . . and . . . 

RT Op-Edge: ‘We still don’t know what really happened on 9/11’ – survivor William Rodriguez

Zerohedge: Albert Edwards Finally Blows Up: “I’m Not Really Sure How Much More Of This I Can Take

Earlier this week we described the personal come to non-GAAP Jesus moment of trading commentator Richard Breslow, who confessed in no uncertain terms that he has had it with endless central banking intervention: “a portfolio built to only withstand stress thanks to central bank intervention is one destined to blow-up spectacularly. The embedded flaw in this new logic is that central banks give investors perfect foresight. And nothing can go wrong… You don’t need to be a Taleb or Mandelbrot to calculate that we have been having once in a hundred year events on a regular basis for the last thirty years.

Today it is another famous skeptic, SocGen’s Albert Edwards who has had enough and says he feels “utterly depressed” because  he has not “one scintilla of doubt that these central bankers will destroy the enfeebled world economy with their clumsy interventions and that political chaos will be the ugly result. The only people who will benefit are not investors, but anarchists who will embrace with delight the resulting chaos these policies will bring!”

As he openly warns his readers  . . . 

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PressTV-‘Russia poised for Syria ground attack’

Assad must go? The record shows Erdogan as the real despot

So, Who’s the Ultimate Villain: Assad or Erdogan? by Martin Berger

Marriage of Convenience: Does Washington Really Need Saudi Arabia as Ally?

PressTV-Arab League: Try Israel in criminal court

PressTV-Ryan raps Kerry on Iran’s dollar access . . . Surely, these people are out of touch with reality!

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Zerohedge: Merkel Facing Political Rebellion After Caving To Erdogan

RT Op-Edge: ‘Angela Merkel never asked the German people about her migrant policy’

Zerohedge: Europe Makes “Deal With The Devil”, Panics After Deal Terms Have To Be Changed

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RT: Snowden to sue Norwegian govt to allow him to pick up prize in Oslo

PressTV-China ‘sends troops to N Korea border’ . . . This is perhaps likely to slow down US aggression.

Coup in Brazil: After first round vote to remove President Rousseff, key opposition figure holds meetings in Washington

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