2 UPDATES: Headlines (just a few), Sunday, April 24, 2016 . . . is a break day for ~Jean

UPDATE: Obama Requests Support for Possible War Against Russia, by Eric Zuesse It looks like the US has made its decision concerning the offer made by China ( https://youtu.be/s2hpYxy_qhU as suggested by Simon Parkes), and perhaps we’re headed for an all out financial confrontation. What will the EU decide? Will they get their heads on straight and pull back?

What CERN did, that you couldn’t see!!!!!

I finally was able to get into the hard drive off my computer that crashed two months ago and get my bookmarks- including the back door hack into CERN. This back door allows me to see the data from the live stream going back for 7 days, while the public feed only allows you to see for approx 24-36 hours.

Zerohedge: Obama’s Legacy, In His Own Words: “I Saved The World From A Great Depression”

PressTV-Obama in Germany to push trade deal

UPDATE: Creating ‘Safe Zones’ in Syria Impractical – Obama . . . looks like a ‘he said/she said ‘game is being played here. Obama is getting Merkel off the hook. . . 

Money Talks: Who is Financing the US Presidential Campaign?

Zerohedge: The ‘Terrorist iPhone’ Snow Job

It all started so “harmless.” The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) wanted to access the information of a person being investigated for mass murder so, the FBI said, it could try to prevent more terrorist attacks.

A couple months later this has morphed into a situation where the FBI is offering to help police departments across America access secured information of any electronic device connected to criminal investigations and where members of the United States Senate are moving forward with legislation to force technology companies to give the government access to secured, including via encryption, electronic devices information.

RT: The blackmail’s working: Merkel calls for Erdogan’s ‘safe zones’ in Syria

Saudis complicit in 9/11 attacks (unless they kowtow to USA and get Russia) The title says it all.

RT Op-Edge: War criminals against war crimes . . . When I read this article, I absolutely knew that life on this planet needs in some way to start over. The people spoken of in this article won’t have a chance at life — and they are entitled to that. This kind of suffering is NOT their karma; it is the ‘gift’ of a cabal of very sick beings. We all need a chance to be reborn into a better life, maybe one still filled with the lessons of duality, but certainly not the nightmare created by the criminals on earth. The words from Cosmic Consciousness rang home to me: 

Hold a future that all will work out because that which is the corruption has been removed, hold that Divine Source is with you, walks with you, will not abandon you, has not abandoned you, and that this too is part of a much greater plan of Spirit that needs to happen, for a cleansing is desperately needed at this time, for the corpse of the nation that is America is rotting and this corpse must be restored to a higher status of its own beingness.

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