Headlines, Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Oracle Report, Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Full Moon phase has passed and the Moon will move out of Scorpio later in the day.  This eases up the intensity of our “magic carpet ride.”  We now begin the first Disseminating Moon phase for this year.

Disseminating Moon phase is the most “communicative” time of the lunar cycle.  Following the natural cycles of the Earth, Moon, and Sun, it is the time when we share our thoughts, ideas, and feelings with others so that Spirit can send us messages and information via the information/Source field.  The input, feedback, or suggestions that others provide helps us empower our hopes, wishes, dreams, projects, ideas, and activities.

The information or messages come from all kinds of things, not just from people.  Nature, animal sightings, synchronicities, background “noise,” overheard snippets of strangers’ conversations, memes, unusual communications — just about anything — can convey information that gives clues or validation. 

Wise owls immerse in the present moment and receive.

 * * * 

There isn’t much news today. Oh, yes, there are things going on, the same ol’ things, but nothing new is happening to which we simple folk are privy. My thinking is that Obama is going to try to start a war using the powers of Europe, and, of course, the question is if they will buy into it — and if their people will. The meeting will take place tomorrow, Wednesday: 

Obama Requests Support for Possible War Against Russia, by Eric Zuesse It looks like the US has made its decision concerning the offer made by China ( https://youtu.be/s2hpYxy_qhU as suggested by Simon Parkes), and perhaps we’re headed for an all out financial confrontation. What will the EU decide? Will they get their heads on straight and pull back?

Meanwhile, I’m guessing — what else can anyone do? — that Russia and China are awaiting the outcome, as to  — not when or if but how they will pull the plug on the Western Financial System. Until these psychopaths are totally de-funded, the rest of the planet cannot safely rest. Of course, they may weasel out of the situation one-more-time, but it is clear the end is fast approaching. The problem seems to be that they are so sick they can’t grasp reality, and therein lies the danger. If we must wait a bit longer to avoid danger, I feel sure we will wait. 

Even though all the talk of FEMA camps, etc. continues, I do not believe they will become reality, so while awareness is important, I don’t find it helpful to dwell on their creation. 

 * * *

If you recall, the World Bank was making statements about how much it would cost to rebuild Syria: RT: Cost of rebuilding Syria may reach $180bn – World Bank  

. . . but . . .

IMF not welcome! Syria and Russia consider joint bank for trade and redevelopment

. . . and today we read that Russia will be rebuilding Syria at a somewhat lesser cost 🙂

Russia signs contracts worth $950mn to rebuild Syria

Damascus and Moscow have signed nearly a billion dollars worth of agreements to rebuild war-torn Syria, according to the Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi. The two countries intend to develop energy, trade, finance and other sectors of the economy.

It continues to grow apparent that the old financial system is done! As we await the decision of how it will collapse, Laura Walker at the Oracle Report reminds as today to back up our electronic systems, since we are heading into a Mercury retrograde. It seems also to be a good time to prepare for the tough days of the collapse: get in food, medicines, pet food, gas, water, etc. Make plans to entertain children safely inside, and so on. If we lose electricity, this will complicate the situation, so we should prepare for this possibility. Remember, as we heard on the Bill Holter video, this is a credit collapse: without the ability to buy on credit, the (food) supply lines will go down, and I think people will likely panic when this occurs. If you plan carefully, it might make it possible for you to stay off the streets at this time. We’ve been through this drill endless times, so I won’t say more.

A few more headlines of possible interest . . . while we wait . . . and of course, I will continue to follow the news . . . 



Message from Montague on Sunday 24 April 2016


The struggle for complete control of your world has never been greater than it is now. The web of control has ordered its minions to ensure the masses do as they are told. The elimination of the White Race is openly happening all around you. I tell you that you cannot afford to ignore the many indications of this. You must preserve and protect your race. Look at what is happening in Europe, in order to understand what I am drawing your attention to. The control centre is showing its hand, as time is fast running out for them to gain complete control of the Earth. Because of the work that is being carried out, the Schuman Resonance is rising every day.

Here is a video explaining what this means:

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3 Responses to Headlines, Tuesday, April 26, 2016

  1. enki says:


    • Jean says:

      I have been very aware of this, but I decided not to draw attention to it. Let it stay under the radar for now. It is safer for everyone. I hope you will agree. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Gary Martin says:

    Dear Jean,
    This insight of David’s is truly inspiring….
    aparently he had read some of David’s books.
    and he really knew what was going on…
    It seems some how he has been made an example of
    for any other celebrities that want to cross the line.
    Love and Hugs Gary.

    David Icke’s ….A Memory of Prince…Beyond Normal

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