UPDATE: Headlines, Wednesday, April 27, 2016

UPDATE: Government Announces Plans To Spray Seattle With ‘GMO Bacteria’

Putin says officials involved in spaceport building could face jail time after failed launch

The Oracle Report, Wednesday, April 27, 2016 . . . to hear Laura’s interview, move your cursor forward to about minute 37

Mercury will station retrograde at 24 Taurus and the Sabian symbol energetic (frequency of life) of “an Indian warrior riding fiercely, human scalps hanging at his belt.”  As I mentioned during my impromptu call on Phoenix Rising Radio last night (posted here at OracleReport.com and at Phoenix’s Soundcloud archive at https://soundcloud.com/phoenix-rising-29/laura-walker-of-the-oracle-report-4), the Sabian symbols are not “politically correct.” But political correctness is an agenda to control freedom of expression.

Face-off: Scientology leader threatens to sue his father over tell-all book

From: Kiara Windrider Blog (While these articles are long, and I have not yet read, I sense they are important):

The Supramental Force and the Conquest of Death
Supramental Transformation
The Three Days of Darkness

 * * * 


!!!!! How NATO-linked Think Tanks Control EU Refugee Policy, by F. William Engdahl

A flood of uncontrolled war refugees from Syria, Libya, Tunisia and other Islamic countries destabilized by Washington’s ‘Arab Spring’ Color Revolutions, has created the greatest social dislocation across the EU from Germany to Sweden to Croatia since the end of World War II. By now it has become clear to most that something quite sinister is afoot, something which threatens to destroy the social fabric of the very core of European civilization. What few realize is that the entire drama is being orchestrated, not by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, or by faceless EU bureaucrats of the Brussels EU Commission. It is being orchestrated by a cabal of NATO-linked think tanks.

!!!!! BRICS vs Empire of Chaos: The Oil War Against Russia

!!!!! BRICS under attack: Russia targeted by Western banks, governments and the price of oil

!!!!! Merkel & Tusk throw EU values overboard to appease Erdogan, by Finian Cunningham

On the same weekend marking the Armenian genocide, European Union leaders Angela Merkel and Donald Tusk were in Turkey lavishing praise on Ankara for allegedly relieving the refugee crisis.

The coincidence was unfortunate but telling. The EU’s silence on the historical Armenian issue is symptomatic of its muted stance on a range of contemporary concerns about repression under the Erdogan government.

!!!!! RT: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the oil thriller – Pepe Escobar

 * * *

Nearly Two Years Into Sanctions: ‘Yes, Russia Can Live Without Europe’

“They repeatedly predicted catastrophic consequences for us, saying that our economy will be left ‘in tatters.’ It is not in tatters. There are difficulties, but Russia’s current economic and financial situation is much better than it was during other periods of our history,” Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Wednesday, summing up the results of the Finance Ministry‘s 2015 performance.

. . . Russian countermeasures, however, came as a sensitive blow to the European countries.

While there is no consensus on a single figure for the damage incurred by the European agricultural sector, the organization Copa-Cogeca, which positions itself as “the united voice of farmers and their cooperatives in the European Union”, has assessed that Russian countersanctions are costing farmers €5.5 billion in export value every year.

RT: Moscow requests UN to add ISIS-linked groups to official terror list, legitimize attacks on them

Russia has officially requested the UN to sanction and delegitimize two militant groups – Ahrar Al-Sham and Jaysh al-Islam – who are known to have close links to ISIS and Al-Qaeda and “regularly” violate and sabotage the Russia-US-brokered Syrian ceasefire.

President Obama Deploys 250 Special Forces to Syria: Will They Oust Assad?

The White House asserts that the deployment of Special Forces is intended to repel Daesh extremists. However, with no signal of cooperation from the Assad government or the Syrian-Arab Army combating the extremist group, independent analysts question whether the Obama Administration is at war with Daesh, or with Syria itself.



PressTV-Russia rules out better Turkey ties

Geneva rejects Turkish demand to remove pic accusing Erdogan of killing boy

RT: US to deploy high-mobility rocket system to Turkey-Syria border – Ankara

PressTV-UNSC nullifies Israel’s Golan claims

PressTV- Palestinian astrophysicist abducted . . . Are they pushing the envelope, trying to provoke war? 

Headlines from Sott.net

 * * *

Lavrov: Russia Against Some EU States’ Line on Military Solution in Libya HA!

Any foreign involvement in Libya’s internal affairs can only be possible and legitimate in the event of consensus between all countries’ political forces and with the approval of the UN Security Council, Lavrov added.

 * * * 

Without Careful Design China Measures to Tackle Debt Can Worsen Problem . . . so says the IMF. Is anyone talking about our corporate debt? 

The IMF noted that the corporate debt in China has reached about 160 percent of the country’s GDP.

Zerohedge: Obama Reveals Plans To Build A “Missile Defense Shield” Around North Korea . . . all they know to do is ‘war’! No, sorry, all they know to do is ‘lies and war’!

While it has amounted to nothing more than mere populist posturing and jawboning, with the occasional entertaining (fabricated) clip of a submarine missile launch thrown in for good measure, North Korea’s launches of ballistic missiles have succeeded in provoking anger among the international community, which has so far been unable (or unwilling) to provide an adequate response to Kim Jong Il’s periodic “shows of strength”, mostly for domestic consumption.

However, Obama now appears ready to respond. In an interview with CBS’ Charlie Rose, Obama described the regime as “a massive challenge.”

“Our first priority is to protect the American people and our allies, the Republic of Korea, Japan, that are vulnerable to the provocative actions that North Korea is engaging in,” Mr. Obama said.

He said North Korea is “erratic enough” and the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, is “irresponsible enough that we don’t want them getting close.”

 * * * 

RT: Pro-Sanders Facebook pages compromised ahead of 5 state primaries, Clinton supporters suspected

7-minute video: Hillary Clinton received more money from weapons industry than any presidential candidate in history; as Sec. State she endorsed OBVIOUS illegal Wars of Aggression: arrest her with Bush, Obama, etc., etc.

Records Show Clinton Only Candidate to Receive Campaign Money from Federal Reserve Officials

US House Prepared to Boost EU Defense Funds Above $3.4Bln to Deter Russia

“This funding begins the transition from an assurance posture to deterrence against Russian aggression,” Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry said in a summary of the defense spending bill.

then . . . I think Obama does what is called ‘talking out of both sides of his mouth’ — and he’s gotten so good at it, it seems like he can do both at one at one and the same time! 

Lets Make Friends: US President Says NATO, EU Pose No Threat to Russia

“[Russian President Vladimir] Putin has generally viewed NATO, EU, trans-Atlantic unity, as a threat to Russian power <…> Now, I think he’s mistaken about that,” Obama told CBS News in an interview on Monday.

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