Headlines (late day), April 28, 2016

The Illustrated Protocols Of Rothschild’s Zionism: Handbook Of Obama For NWO  Plan to spend a lot of time with this post . . . Finally, it is all coming out in readable form, and pretty much all in one place. Knowledge of this information, and some understanding of its ramifications in our world today is to my mind essential going forward. 

Related  – This new post from Political Velcraft has come to me via South Africa, from someone who is also aware of James Preston’s post this morning, called Khazarian Mafia’s system of Cartels -It controls practically everything in America, by Preston James

 * * * 
In closing for today, please take a look at this post from Zerohedge. Does Obama sound to you like he is a winner? He is already speaking of his Presidency in the past tense! 

Zerohedge: Obama Admits Couldn’t “Convince Americans Of ‘Recovery'”, Bashes ‘The Big Short’

Despite his proclamation that he “saved the world from a Great Depression,” the fact is that Obama will be the first President ever to not see a single year of 3% GDP growth – but only cynical fiction-peddlers would mention facts at a time like this. In yet more legacy-defending narrative, Obama told The NYTimes today that his biggest failure was being unable to sell his success in putting the American economy back on track to the American people (no matter the actual realities) careful to blame Republicans for slowing growth “by a percentage point or two.” And then in a final affront to fact, Obama dismisses the conclusion of “The Big Short” proclaiming that he reined in Wall Street, overhauled the banking system, and made water from wine “the financial system substantially more stable.”

With regard his presidential legacy, Obama recently said he was proud of the healthcare reforms, and added that:

“saving the world from a Great Depression – that was quite good.”

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