Friday (evening) April 28, 2016

!!!!! Capitalism, Corporate Fascism, Communism and the Eurasian Bloc, by Katherine Frisk, who really knows her ‘stuff’ and writes an impressive article in rebuttal to Caleb Maupin’s article, Top CIA Objective: Fracture The Eurasian Bloc

Is China Really Communist?

For starters, to get us thinking, Katherine points out:

As I keep saying, the West is NOT Capitalist, they have killed the West with their own feudal greed; it IS a monopolist Corporate Fascist Conglomerate as the TPP and the TTIP are proving it to be. It is a feudal system by another name.

 . . . and she doesn’t stop there . . .be sure to finish this article that helps us get our heads on straight about some of these issues 🙂

!!!!! Pepe Escobar: The turbulent calm before the next devastating geopolitical storm Pepe does  an incredible job of encapsulating all that is presently going on right now on our planet. While he sees all hell breaking lose, I don’t see it quite that way. 

Russia, US agree to ‘regime of silence’ in parts of Latakia & Damascus, Syria . This sounds like a crazy idea to me . . . wonder who came up with it 🙂 

!!!!! Zerohedge: US Treasury Gives Explicit Warning To China, Germany And Japan Not To Devalue Their Currencies

America’s 83 Ignoramuses Are Enabling Destruction by Israel, by Gideon Levy, Haaretz

More money to arm Israel will end in blood. It must end in blood. There are old weapons that must be used and new weapons that must be tried (and then sold to Azerbaijan and Ivory Coast).

This destructive, murderous force will fall again on devastated houses in Gaza, and America will finance it all once again. The money will also corrupt Israel. If this is the prize for its refusal to make peace and its flouting of international law, why shouldn’t it behave this way? Uncle Sam will pay.

The senators who signed the letter didn’t act for either their country’s good or Israel’s. It’s doubtful whether they know what they signed. It’s doubtful whether they know what the real situation is.

Maybe among them are people of conscience or people familiar with their country’s national interests. But the blood money will serve neither those interests nor morality.

!!!!! NATO escalation: Germany to deploy troops in Lithuania to ‘contain’ Russia It would seem that this is the beginning of the thrust into Eastern Europe to contain the ‘criminal’ Russia

NATO greedy for geopolitical space, wants to encircle those who disagree – Lavrov

  Related: Russophobic NATO Minority Tries to Unite Alliance Around Anti-Russia Stance

EU members draw up plans for United States of Europe I read about this quite a while ago, and suddenly the idea appears on the scene. As the EU collapses (as planned) perhaps they hope to use this to herd the various nations into their tent as a means for safety. God forbid!

!!!!! Denied! China blocks US warship from making port call in Hong Kong
This is just another indication of how things are escalating between the US warmongers and China. I wonder how long will it be allowed to continue.

Russia blasts Obama decision to send troops to Syria as “violation of sovereignty” 

Keven Barrett: Russia exposed US lies in fighting Daesh

PressTV-US tells Russia to curb Syrian leader . . . what say?

Zerohedge: Head Of Deutsche Bank “Integrity Committee” Fired Due To “Overzealousness” . . . hmmmmmm . . . 

Perhaps it is merely a coincidence but just weeks after Deutsche Bank became the first bank to admit to rigging the gold market (and agreeing to rat out fellow manipulators) yesterday afternoon the head of Deutsche Bank’s “integrity committee” announced he would resign two years before his time, which is a polite way of saying he was fired.

Libyan army readying attack on IS positions in Sirte

Mush for brains: Kiev blames Russia for Ukraine’s drop in GDP

PressTV-Finnish MPs debate vote on euro exit

Siemens [German firm] wants in on Russian high-speed railway project

BTW, this is pretty much how the US plays the game. It’s all about hurting others and causing pain, considering that San Bernadina was figured a long time ago to be a false flag psy-op: Russian Married to San Bernardino Gun Supplier Faces 25 Year in Prison

. . . and this is the only way the White House knows to take care of itself — so sad for us!

White House to Get Taller Fence

 * * * 

The video below doesn’t have much new info. I found it interesting to once again hear Bush comment on his statements to the 9/11 Commission. Somehow, I think this info is being ‘used’, and I don’t beliweve our government thinks it will be implicated by this release; however, they seem to be playing a very dangerous game. Could this be an indication of their desperation?  

At any rate, I still have to wonder if this release will ever happen in the way that is propsed, particularly if/when the financial collapse occurs. I do not think these psychopaths have any idea that the reality they believe will occur will not happen as they have planned. So, what is this all about — really? 


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