It looks like we’re finally arriving at the moment ‘when it looks like there is no way out’ . . .

. . . and then the way will magically open.’ 🙂

(If you don’t yet believe this, I am sorry, and I wish you could.)

What to do?

Fight those who are interfering with my blog?

I don’t think so . . . 

(If my readers hadn’t informed me, I would not know how bad their need for control has become. When I click on my site, everything appears to me to be okay. I know people can’t sign up for my blog, and I’m also hearing now that people can’t find my blog when they do a SEARCH . . . and the list goes on.)


While there is much I could say, it just isn’t worth it.

It’s all but over.

Dave Hodges post this morning, in my opinion, is totally incorrect. He has just given the justification for a huge false flag, nothing more, nothing less. The United States Corporate Government operates this way, not other countries! I’m surprised he has been taken in by this.

I suggest you go and read it and make your decision: 
Chinese Cyber Attack On Grid Is Imminent Followed by a Chinese Red Dawn Invasion

At this point in time, there isn’t much sense in me trying to publish anything more. Let’s just wait and watch.

I do strongly believe the way will open . . .

Hold tight — with much love and hugs,

Now, here are a few headlines, which hopefully they will even allow you to see. So much for free speech!

Zerohedge: The Full Story Behind Bloomberg’s Attempt To “Unmask” Zero Hedge

In the Name of the Profit: New RT documentary exposes dirty oil secrets, ISIS cozy ties with Turkey

Syrian Army planning offensive on ISIS ‘capital’ Raqqa aided by Russian jets


EU Commission Plays Brussels Roulette on Glyphosate, by F. William Engdahl

PressTV-US troops in Syria to oust govt.: Russia

Russophobic NATO Minority Tries to Unite Alliance Around Anti-Russia Stance

Kerry Calls on Russia to Influence Damascus After Alleged Hospital Attack

Nothing Else Matters? Washington Doesn’t Care ‘Assad Very Popular’ in Syria

PressTV-French MPs vote to lift Russia sanctions

Work on Nord Stream 2 Goes On in Compliance With EU Legislation 

Syria’s security forces confiscate horde of Israeli-made weapons and ammunition

Guess who’s funding Ukraine’s ‘anti-Russian’ internet television

Southeast Asian countries express appreciation to Russia for strengthening regional security

Top CIA Objective: Fracture The Eurasian Bloc

‘Israeli extremists backed by security forces’ have stormed Al-Aqsa mosque four times during Passover week

Finally, because I think Laura’s words are extremely important for each of us now, I’m publishing the entire Oracle Report for today.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, realign

Moon in Aquarius

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Chinnamasta, Goddess Who Expands the Mind

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Ian, God of the East

Skill: rest/nurture the mind and body

True Alignments: enriched by love, breathing easier, allowing space for internal change, revision of personal values, nurturing self and others, “basking” in something joyful, contentment, inner beauty reflected on the outer, taking a risk when given the signs or go-ahead, creativity

Catalysts for Change:  panicking, stifled, advancing too fast, the need to draw attention to oneself, superficially keeping up appearances, neglecting self, close minded, overcome by the number of responsibilities or a long to-do list, resisting change, spreading fear, anger at people/places/things that bind or restrict

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month and Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery” (transcending issues, adventure)

I always mention that the day a planet stations retrograde or direct is intensive.  The energetics can take their toll on our emotional, mental, and physical bodies.  This happened yesterday with Mercury stationing retrograde at the highly emotionally-charged energetic of “an Indian warrior riding fiercely, human scalps hanging from his belt.”

Today, the wisdom of the Sabian symbols today tells us to care for our physical bodies.  The Sun discharges the energetic of “a woman sprinkling flowers.”  It’s a gentle, nurturing energetic that calls for resting the mind, and thus resting the body.

Further, the Earth is located at “a drowning man is being rescued,” which speaks to emotional and physical overwhelm and the need for “resuscitating.”

You may feel this way today or someone around you may feel this way.

Deeper study reveals that deeper things are going on with this.  Today, Mars (which is also retrograde and will be until June 30), moves from 9 Sagittarius and “a mother leads her child step by step up the stairs” (rising up, guidance, protection) to 8 Sagittarius and “deep within the depths of the Earth, new elements are being formed” (things emerging from deep inside of us, processes of foundational change).

Things are welling up so that they can be revised, rectified, and realigned.

The tectonics and volcanism of the Earth seem to be responding, as evidenced by dramatically increased activity along the Ring of Fire and other hot spots.

We are symbiotic with the Earth, so anything that is happening with the Earth is happening to us.

We can ease the deep tectonic processes that are in play today by taking it easy.

These things may help us along:

1- Recognize blessings.  Each of us has them, whether they stand out in our awareness or not.

2- Apply simple comforts.  Venus discharges the last degree of Aries today (“a duck pond and its brood”) before it moves into the comfort-seeking energetics of Taurus tomorrow.

3- Disengage from limitations.  Mind chatter about what restricts or limits us should be sent away on a metaphorical hot air balloon.

4- Acknowledge needs.  Self-denial is the antithesis of these energetics, and, really, antithetical to life itself.  Reconnect with self-care.  Put yourself back into the equation if you have neglected your basic needs.  Get back to the elements of who you are.

5- Feel the safety that comes with the knowledge that we are couched in the love of Gaia Sophia, who is entirely dedicated to the fulfillment of our happiness and expression.  There is nothing to fear.  All is contained within the soul of Sophia.

Let’s honor ourselves and the fellowship of humanity today by taking a deep breath and gliding with the magic carpet ride.  Go outdoors, connect with nature, and find beauty.  Let’s sprinkle some flowers on our ride through life today.

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4 Responses to It looks like we’re finally arriving at the moment ‘when it looks like there is no way out’ . . .

  1. Duane Sickmann says:

    Your emails are coming through to me anyway, and I share your daily compilations to facebook and twitter so some are getting the real news anyway.
    I have a new computer that doesn’t have all my favorites stored yet and your right if only type part of your address it takes me places where I eventually have to j u st do it all manually, but I still get there, just takes a few keystrokes more.
    Just wanted to Thank You for all you do, I and I hope all my Facebook and Twitter fans do also.

    Have a great day!

    PS: don’t how your healing is doing but the new computer that I have is for running Rife equipment that I am just becoming familiar with. Purchased the complete setup & more to heal my wife of Alzheimers. It’s called Spooky2, check it out and if desired I can do some remote healing (it has scaller capability) after I get more up to speed.

    • Jean says:

      So glad to hear your emails are coming through okay. I don’t know where you live, but I suspect that many in the US and its sidekicks are not receiving them – or are not receiving without these little notices at the top. It seems when I publish something that hits home (literally) they want to block it. The Bundys and the spraying-of-Seattle are evidence. This info can clearly have an affect on what citizens are thinking, as they are brought face-to-face with what our government is actually doing to us. We all need to realize, once and for all, that they intend to enslave all of us, not just one political party over another. I believe we are soon going to reach that point, and that it is at this point in time that we will finally see the good guys show up. To put their heads up sooner would, to my mind, only add to the chaos and be a huge mistake.

      Good luck with your new technology. . . I’m doing fine just now, but I do appreciate your kind offer.


  2. steveduffy says:

    Hello Jean The frustations you are having to put with are unfair However, I long ago realised Dave Hodges isn’t the real deal and blocked him. Slightly disappointed you haven’t also. Regards ANDREW WHEWAY

    Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2016 14:10:55 +0000 To:

    • Jean says:

      Andrew, I think it’s wise to have access to what others are thinking . . . and today, I think we have a perfect example of this. I hope and pray that my readers have ‘studied’ along with me the basic realities on this planet and will not buy into Dave’s (almost hysterical sounding) warning. It’s a perfect false flag setup, is it not?

      China and Russia are plainly moving into a multi-polar world, where happiness and success are achieved by providing opportunities for all – via the many financial platforms they have created and their attention to seeing that everyone who desires can have a stake in the future.

      Why would they ever, ever have an interest in enslaving this country, broken, abused, and sick as its people are — and all this because of the propaganda, lies, drugs, chem trails, murder, wars, lousy education system, etc. perpetrated on us, her people.They understand sovereignty, which our controllers clearly do not understand, and they have zero intention of trying to ‘run our show’ here. It would be utter foolishness on their part, a waste of their time. Sooner or later, the pain we are about to experience will cause us to awaken, and we will begin a return to health and a world in which we are able to work with other nations, instead of constantly brutalizing them and their populations if they don’t agree with us.

      In the meantime, China, Russia and other countries are moving on, hoping we will catch up with them. What they are doing makes such common sense . . . but if we are filled with fear when people like Dave make these statements, we cannot see this. It is ximply a totally practical solution – why destroy the planet and its people in order to control it? Who wants to spend the money and effort to control it? Not these folks – my thinking, because they are involved in many other very creative ventures. This is my thinking, and I hope people will hold onto it through the next days.

      Thanks for giving me the opening to speak – and hugs,

      Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

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