Headlines, Sunday, May 1, 2016 Will the collapse happen tomorrow? Thoughts from ~Jean, plus a couple interesting stories

NOTE: I expect you will see my rights of free speech discarded with another one of those announcements to be careful about what you watch here. They have twice removed my first and second articles. ~J

As I was out and about this morning doing marketing, I took the time to consider this question, and my answer is that if we look at the full context of what is happening on the planet that it will not happen tomorrow. It is not now the time for it.

While China evidently has the ability to pull the plug at any time, I have to question if there is yet enough awareness yet by people all over the planet for this to happen at this time — successfully. When I use the word successfully, I mean without lots of death, destruction, and total chaos – of all kinds: mental, emotional, physical. After all, as I have come to understand it, this is a total paradigm change, not just a financial collapse.

I think there has to be many more people aware of the propaganda machine and the lies it spews out, particularly about the roles of Russia and China in trying to prevent WWIII. Are enough people yet aware of the real dedicated foreign policy the US has put forward in order to disturb the peace of the entire planet? Are they aware of the contextual reasons for it? Apparently, Donald Trump is not, or at least not on the deeper level — and I think he needs to be. Peter Schiff seems to have focused on the financial world and doesn’t have any idea of the deeper context. Even Bill Holter and Jim Willie do not seem to grasp much of it. While many may never grasp it, I still think there is much more information to be exposed so that when this collapse comes, people, particularly the citizens of the United States, will have a much better sense that something far deeper has gone wrong with our country and world than just the fact that a bunch of rogue bankers and politicians have gained control. The more who begin to understand this, the better.

My thinking, therefore, brings me more in line with Jim Willie’s: it will come in the May/June/July time frame,. Remember, however, that when a war is being fought, as so many of us are finding out after years of work and effort to understand our situation on planet earth — nothing is for sure.

Now, on to a bit of news . . . 

  * * *

The Biggest Chemical Attack On American Citizens By Their Own Government

Published on Apr 27, 2016

In this video Luke Rudkowski covers a very personal and private story of the largest chemical attack on the american people that will also affect him. Over a half a million will be affected by this in the near future, while hundreds have already died and thousands are still suffering as we speak. There has been no accountability for this chemical attack just a massive cover up and censorship of this story, share this video with your friends and family so the truth can finally come out. If you believe in us go to http://wearechange.org/donate/ and invest in us so we can continue our operation and be totally free and independent news source for you.

Baghdad in State of Emergency After Supporters of al Sadr Storm Green Zone

Two People Involved In Flint Water Investigation Found Dead 

The Syria White Helmets Exposed as US UK Agents Embedded with Al Nusra and ISIS

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George Kavassilas: Moving beyond the God Matrix to the Great Change

You are in for an expansive experience with this interview.

By Alfred Lambremont Webre


WATCH Part II-George Kavassilas-Moving beyond the God Matrix to the Great Change


VANCOUVER, BC – In a wide-ranging two part interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre from Australia, author and researcher George Kavassilas discusses the God Matrix, stating “There is an entity in this Universe trying to pose as a Creator God.”

In the course of the interview, George Kavassilas describes a journey he took in his physical body in a UFO to the Vatican, where he responded to a panel of top Vatican officials cross-examining him on all aspects of his assertion that “There is an entity in this Universe trying to pose as a Creator God” – the God of religions, the God of the Vatican. By the end of the panel, at least two of the top Vatican officials had come over to George’s view.

George also reveals for the first time publicly a Secret Space Program mission he was part of that successfully took down a weapon capable of destroying an entire planet.

In this interview, George Kavassilas describes the origin of our galaxy, the Milky Way [from personal experience, he states], and to explain how the Human is a fractal [or holographic fragment] of the Earth that is a fractal of the Sun, that is a fractal the Galaxy, and the Universe itself, and much more.

George Kavassilas larger perspective is: “I Am Infinite is an expression of my work that helps people to understand that the time of The Great Change is upon us, and is the outcome for those who embarked on a journey eons ago. All who have chosen to be here on Earth at this time are about to experience a transformation of a magnitude that few can currently comprehend. It is the transformation of our Divine Mother Earth and the birthing of her Humanity into fully integrated Beings of Light.”

You are in for an expansive experience with this interview.


George Kavassilas: Moving beyond the God Matrix to the Great Change

By Alfred Lambremont Webre


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