Headlines (evening), Monday, May 2, 2016

Montague Keen, Sunday, May 1, 2016

. . . Humanity is awakening FAST. Evidence of this is calculated each day by the Schuman Resonance as it races to total enlightenment. All negativity is being exposed. Those who thrived and prospered at your expense, now find themselves powerless to hold on to control. The Cabal’s only hope of survival is to try to force World War III on you, and this will not be allowed. Their control is at an end. All their control systems are falling apart. They find it difficult to find support for their corrupt schemes. Every day, many more people release themselves from the control grid. Doing the REVOCATIONS helps the mind to let go of all the evil control so that you become FREE to think, act, and live as you wish. It exposes the puppets for what they are: puppets acting for an EVIL so VILE that it cannot show itself.

Look at the awakened. They look radiant as they carry within them the Light of Truth. Once awakened, it is never possible to return to slavery. Freeing the mind is a joyful experience: go for it. Think about this, my friends. If the Cabal had approached humanity, openly stating what they wanted, there is no way that humanity would have agreed to their demands. Humanity would NEVER have agreed to kill off other humans at the puppets’ request, yet that is exactly what they conspired to achieve. They created mythical reasons why man should go to war and kill his fellow man, wiping out countries and civilisations. ASK YOURSELVES WHY. Because the Cabal cannot exist without the ENERGY OF FEAR, KILLING, HUNGER, and SUFFERING of all sorts. It is the oxygen of life to them. This must be understood. Ask yourselves this: why do you continue to pay taxes for the POISON that they put in your water, the poison they spray on you every day, which also contaminates the land, and the poisonous chemicals that are forced on you by the medical profession. You cannot remain passive on this subject. Your survival depends on the actions you take on this matter. Think, my friends, you are supplying the money to these puppets to destroy you! . . . 

 Look with love in your hearts to your fellow human beings. You are all on the road to survival. You are all at different stages, but I assure you, all will eventually have to travel this road. Those who think “I am doing alright. It does not affect me” are greatly mistaken. . . . 

 * * * 

Jane Sanders: “If Bernie Loses, We’ll Form a New Organization”

ernie Sanders only sees a “narrow path to victory,” and his wife, Jane Sanders, has now said the “political revolution” will continue after his campaign. In an interview with “The Rachel Maddow Show,” Jane spoke about what Bernie plans to accomplish if he fails to win the nomination.

“What we really want to do is change the agenda of the Democratic Party.”

. . . Following hundreds of layoffs in Bernie’s campaign, former staffers have started a new political action committee called Brand New Congress–its main purpose is to put politicians like Bernie in Congress.

Zerohedge: Trump’s Take On Close Encounters With Russian Fighter Jets: “At A Certain Point You Gotta Shoot” I would hope for a greater depth of understanding from a man who would be President. Can he/will he change?

“I don’t know, at a certain point, you can’t take it,” the businessman continued. “I mean, at a certain point, you have to do something that, you just can’t take that. That is not right. It’s against all, you know, when you talk about Geneva convention, there’s gotta be things that are against it. You can’t do that. That’s called taunting. But it should certainly start with diplomacy and it should start quickly with a phone call to Putin, wouldn’t you think?” “And if that doesn’t work out, I don’t know, you know, at a certain point, when that sucker comes by you, you need to shoot. I mean, you gotta shoot. And it’s a shame. It’s a shame. It’s a total lack of respect for our country and it’s a total lack of respect for Obama. Which as you know, they don’t respect.

Zerohedge: 9/11 Damage Control Begins: CIA Director Warns “28 Pages” Contains Inaccurate Information

Zerohedge: The First Casualty Is Truth

The US, in its own decline, is showing this same self-destructive tendency. The worse things get, the greater the inclination of the citizenry to say, “Carry on, everything’s fine.”

Dannon Yogurt to Remove GMO Ingredients and Source Milk from Non-GMO Fed Cows I guess we’re supposed to be pleased with this, but it certainly feels like they are throwing us a bone. Why aren’t all GMO ingredients being outlawed?

Thousands Have Cancer, Hundreds Are Dead From A Massive Chemical Attack On Americans . . . this article is like the video they would not let me publish yesterday. . . 

Zerohedge: Why The Obamacare Gold Rush Is Bankrupting America

Our health care system is going to implode under its own weight. National Health Expenditures are approaching 20 percent of gross domestic product — a figure that is expected to about double over the next half century. Obamacare didn’t start the process, but it’s expediting the end. Obamacare did not reform health care system; it merely transformed it to subsidize favored constituents. To pay for all this price gouging, employers are being forced to offer benefits that many workers themselves cannot afford or absorb in lower take home pay.

Zerohedge: 2008 Deja Vu? Treasury Warns Congress – Bailout Puerto Rico Or Risk “Chaotic Unwinds… Cascading Defaults”

In a disappointingly similar tone to the warnings, threats, and promises sent to Congress in 2008 when demanding the banks get their bailout (or else), Treasury Secretary Jack lew has released a letter he sent to Congress warning that if Puerto Rico’s situation is not “fixed” in an “orderly” manner “quickly” then the nation will face “cascading defaults.

 * * *

CERN/WEASEL BLOWS 66,000 VOLT TRANSFORMER???, by BP EarthWatch . . . be sure to listen until the choice of the word weasel is discussed.

Fed up with abuse? May Day rallies across EU & Turkey erupt in violence

RUSSIA TODAY BLOWS THE LID OFF ERDOGHAN AND ISIS; WHITE HELMETS FRAUD EXPOSED; DOCTORS ATTACK WESTERN PROPAGANDA IN ALEPPO, by Ziad Fadel I’ve already covered these three stories, and if you missed them, this is an opportunity to catch up . . . 

Zerohedge: Saudi Foreign Minister Repeats Warning To US Over Sept 11 Law

The Unspoken Truth: America is Supporting Al Qaeda, from Global Research

 – Heavy Propaganda Rages in the Battle for Aleppo. The Terrorists are Portrayed as “Freedom Fighters”

By Prof. Tim Anderson, May 01 2016

Western media claim that Aleppo’s citizens are under threat from the Syrian Army, while Syrian sources show civilians, reeling from mortar attacks, demanding that the Army roots out all terrorist groups.

 – Breaking: Baghdad State of Emergency, Green Zone Stormed

By Felicity Arbuthnot, April 30 2016

Supporters of Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr have stormed Baghdad’s highly fortified, US established Green Zone, also home to the US Embassy, uninvited, the biggest in the world. All staff of the Japanese, French, British, Australian, Jordanian, Emirates and Saudi Arabia…

 – The Silent “Elephant in the Room”: Lobbying Parliament to Supply British Weapons to Israel

By Anthony Bellchambers, May 01 2016

The silent elephant in the room is the fact of the official endorsement of the actions of the Israeli government that flout international law, by our own government’s enthusiastic support for the agenda of the Conservative Friends of Israel lobby…

 – VIDEO: Syria ‘White Helmets’ Exposed. Propaganda Instrument. Nobel Peace Prize for Al Qaeda?

By Vanessa Beeley, May 01 2016

As the Syrian battle front rages in Aleppo, the ‘White Helmets’ are emerging even more strongly as part of the long arm of US and UK propaganda in Syria.  The Manhattan campaign managers at Purpose Inc have sprung into action.…

 * * * 

Zerohedge: “Nightmare” Mistake: Visa Free Travel For 80 Million Turks Coming Up

Of all the inane, self-serving, deals German Chancellor Angela Merkel made with Turkey, visa-free travel for 80 million Islamic Turks tops the list. “This is all a nightmare,” said one diplomat charged with making  the deal work. Nightmares aside, Brussels Prepares Legal Groundwork on Visa-Free Travel for Turks.

Zerohedge: Caught On Tape: Raw Footage Shows The Moment A Missile Hits Aleppo Hospital

Sadly, a typical consequence of war is that innocent “collateral damage” lives are lost. The civil war in Syria is no different, as over the past week four medical facilities were hit with missiles from fighter jets taking out their targets from the skies, pushing the civilian death toll even higher. One of the targets that got hit last week (during a truce nonetheless) was apediatric hospital in Aleppo that was supported by both Doctors Without Borders and the International Red Cross. Recovered cctv footage captures the moments before, during, and after the hospital took a direct hit.

!!!!! Hoisted by his own petard: Kerry forced to ‘negotiate’ with allies to stop intermingling with al-Qaeda in Syria

Sott Comment: This is rich. Piece by piece the American propaganda and war machine is fall apart at the seams. Did Kerry and his band of village idiots really think they could not-so-covertly support Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria), publicly vow to fight Nusra, then try to get away with saving their Nusrats from total obliteration by Syria/Russia/Iran/Hezbollah?!

It’s quite satisfying to see the Americans hamstrung by their own propaganda. They are forced to choose between two unpalatable options: 1) admit their ongoing support for the very enemy they’ve professed to be at war with for over 15 years, 2) allow and even participate in the destruction of their very own proxy army of jihadi mercenaries in Syria. They should’ve seen it coming, but wishful thinking will get you every time.

US media stirs the pot on Russia-US conflict which primes the public for NATO buildup in Baltic region

Pentagon reporter says US Special Forces arrived in southern Yemen

Zerohedge: “Fairness” & Earth’s Greatest Currency Manipulator

The 2016 election has laid bare the deep insecurity of America’s ageing working-class, their resentment toward foreigners, competition, change. While America’s youth clamor for fairness, a future free from crushing student debt, the oppression of a government owned by and run for big business, the US Treasury is responding, warning our trading partners against artificially weakening their currencies, stealing our growth, depressing our wages, destroying our jobs.

Zerohedge: Here Is Mario Draghi’s Advice To Europe’s Crushed Savers

For a start, savers can still earn satisfactory rates of return from diversifying their assets, even when interest rates on deposit and savings accounts are very low. For example, US households allocate about a third of their financial assets to equities…”

  * * *

Japan Scientist/Radiation Pouring into Pacific/CA’s Beaches/Now Marine Graveyards/Fukushima, BP EarthWatch, May 2, 2016

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