Headlines, late, Tuesday, May 3, 2016

More on TTIP:

Look what I found out
on my way to work today

A PDF File from a reader who’s been doing some thinking about the TTIP and those ‘leaked’ files.

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Int’l Trade Standards Should Be Set by All States, Not US Alone

All countries in the world should jointly agree and set international trade standards, there should not be a US monopoly in the sphere, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

On Monday, US President Barack Obama said that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal would allow the United States to lead the way in global trade, adding that a Chinese-led Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) demonstrated the need for the TPP to be approved by the US Congress.

“The United States is very ambitious making such statements, but I’m afraid it does not take into account the long-term prospects. The international trade standards should be determined by all countries of the world together, not dictated by a single country,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told a press briefing.

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Bank of North Dakota reaping profits despite oil bust: a model for California? by Ellen Brown

Detroit resumes water shutoffs that could impact 20,000 customers

Quaker Oats facing lawsuit after tests find glyphosate in “100% natural” products

NSA to Spy On Own Employees Everywhere, All the Time

The director of the Pentagon’s Defense Security Service, Daniel Payne, asserted that there is a massive problem with child pornography, and that it is necessary to know who is qualified to handle classified information.

!!!!! BLM, National Monuments, Public Lands & Military Ind Complex connected (Video), Dr. Doom

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!!!!! TERRORIST APES TARGET CIVILIANS IN ALEPPO IN FLOP ATTACK ON SYRIAN ARMY; 34 DEAD RODENTS WITH SCORES WOUNDED; TERRORISTS LEAVE THEIR OWN DEAD TO ROT, by Ziad Fadel Again, I’m taking the liberty of publishing this post in total (minus the photos),  because no one else is talking . . . my thanks to Ziad. . . 

ALEPPO:  This was a Turk-British-planned disaster of the first magnitude.  The terrorist groups, mostly Nusra/Alqaeda, Faylaq Al-Shaam, Liwaa` Shuhadaa` Badr (totally Turk controlled), Ahraar Al-Shaam and some elements of ‘Alloosh’s emaciated Jaysh Al-Islam were cobbled together and presented to the world by the American mountebanks as “The Free Syrian Army”.   This is what that inept dufus, John Kerry, is trying to do in Geneva: convince the world that the Syrian Army is breaking a truce with the FSA, a group that does not exist – punkt!

In an effort to demonstrate the range of capabilities that the FSA can deploy in Aleppo, the Turks and the English were asked to set up a response to the Syrian Air Force’s destruction of a field hospital last week which, evidently, resulted in the deaths of over 50 rodents in the area of Al-Saakhoor.  So, Kerry, with much assistance from the CIA, went to Geneva with the hope that a revitalized and vindictive FSA (te hee hee) would seem more credible if it could take back territory, hit hospitals in government-controlled areas and jack up civilian and infrastructural damages.  It didn’t happen.

Yesterday, the Alqaeda criminals opened up barrages of rockets from 7 axes.  The targets were the following state-dominated areas of Aleppo:  Al-Maydaan, Al-Furqaan, Nile Boulevard, Mogambo, Al-Khaalidiyya, Al-Zahraa` Quarter, Al-‘Aamiriyya, Al-Raamoosa, Al-Mashaariqa, Al-Muhaafazha, Meridien, Al-Siryaan, Al-Sabeel, Al-Jameeliyya, Al-Raazi Area, Al-Rahmaan Mosque Area. 

Now, they managed to kill a few civilians and inflict some property damage.  They concentrated their fury on 2 hospitals: the first was Al-Dhubayt Hospital for Women, a facility specializing in pre-natal care in the Al-Muhaafazha Quarter and the second was Al-Raazi Hospital which treats the public injured by terrorists.

Of interest to readers is the fact that the Syrian military did something unusual with this operation.  They gathered reporters and gave them a heads-up on the terrorist assault 24 hours before it started.  They told them that there would be 4 separate suicide bomber-trucks used to break into SAA positions.  And, the SAA officer briefing the reporters told them exactly how far the trucks would get before being vaporized.  It happened exactly as he told them.  All reporters were accompanied by minders who made sure none of the briefing was released prematurely.

But, once the rocket attack subsided, the terrorists started to assault numerous SAA strongpoints along the lines of demarcation.  As I have told my readers before, the SAA is now equipped with not only state-of-the-art military equipment, but, is also fielding 5 years of knowledge about how the West practices terrorism.  Combined with much improved intelligence analysis and acquisition, it isn’t all that hard any longer to blunt these desperate attacks by terrorist vermin.

I have not received detailed accounts of how the terrorist plan was defeated.  I do know for a fact that terrorist chatter monitored by the SAA-MI people indicate an enemy who abandoned the plan and all the killed and wounded.  I can confirm the deaths of 34 terrorists with scores wounded.  This was a real calamity for the British in Turkey mismanaging a brutal and illegal war against the Syrian people.

 * * *

!!!!! EU deputy reveals no actual treaty signed with Turkey – who’s gonna pay them the 3 billion Euros? . . . don’cha’ love it?

Kerry wants more propaganda: US increasing funding to train 750 journalists worldwide

EU to Provide $3.5Mln in Humanitarian Aid for Polio Vaccination in Syria . . . This announcement turns my stomach! Syria, please wake up!

Related: BRICS and Brexit countries: secrets of the crypt, by Jon Rappoport, May 3, 2016

. . . In the US, the propaganda is so concentrated a large proportion of the populace is still asleep. The lunatic campaign to vaccinate everybody with poisons—presented as a medical miracle—is still working against the dumbed-down masses, who would buy a donkey if it was labeled a Cadillac.

The BRICS nations have an opportunity here. Reject this medical/chemical/biotech cartel. In the process, they would strike a blow against the most dangerous and powerful Globalist-backed corporations in the world—the primary beneficiaries of treaties like the TPP and TTIP.

Treat the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control like crazy criminals and front men for the med cartel, because that’s what they are. Stop buying their fake science and fake studies. Their whole operation is corrupt from top to bottom.

Syrian Information Minister: Turkey and Saudi Arabia regimes responsible for Aleppo bloodshed

Japan turns down Merkel’s NATO offer because it would ‘negatively affect our relations with Russia’

Angela Merkel invited Japan to join NATO during a conversation with the prime minister of the country, Shinzo Abe, during the German chancellor’s visit to Tokyo in March, 2015, Japanese media report.

More boots on the ground: US redeploys military forces in Yemen

Slave master rules: Large oil field found in West Bank; Israel won’t let Palestine drill for it





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