Protect Your Family from EMF Pollution – How to Use a Computer Safely

As I’ve written, because I’m extremely sensitive energetically, I’m having trouble with my fingers hurting, particularly when using my iPad, but also when using my computer. I’ve had various suggestions, but none felt right to me, mainly because my ‘history’ has made me extremely sensitive to energy.

Finally, this morning I wrote to Josh at, whose latest video was what clued me into what was happening: Gestapo in the USA.  He just sent me to what looks to be an incredible website with many practical suggestions, none of which I was aware of, and most of which I believe I can implement.

I would like to share it with everyone: Protect Your Family from EMF Pollution: How to Use a Computer Safely.

For instance, concerning a laptop computer, which happens to be my main concern:

How a laptop computer can be used more safely. Utilizing these methods, headaches and fatigue should diminish and you can be on the computer much longer without negative health effects:

  • A wired external keyboard and mouse allow the user to not touch the computer. Here is an ultra-low-EMF mouse.
  • A wired ethernet connection is used for internet applications (reduces microwave radiation). I recommend Cat-7 ethernet cables as they are better shielded (good for performance and lessening electric fields). Here is a 25′ cable and a 50′ cable.
  • Use a Router Guard if you absolutely must be in a situation where a WiFi router is on in your home or at work. This Netgear WiFi router has an easy On/Off switch.
  • The “Airport” or wireless functions are turned off so that the computer is not sending out bursts of microwave radiation to search for a wireless router (usually every 10-15 seconds).
  • The computer is running on battery power – not plugged in (much lower electric field is created).
  • The computer is grounded (not necessarily the user). Note that electric fields in the room should be checked before grounding is implemented. It is usually best to ground the computer itself using USB printer cables and a gator clip to outlet cable. This USB Ground Cord is ideal.
  • A Defender Pad is placed over the computer, which shields many different frequencies.
  • With an external keyboard and mouse, you can place your laptop on some books or a stand so that you have proper ergonomics as well (not looking down all day).
  • The actual computer is farther away from your body, which reduces the amount of EMF pollution that your body/brain is exposed to. Distance is your friend (see pic below):
  • If you are EHS, then utilize some of the advanced steps listed in this article.

By taking a few inexpensive and simple steps, you can utilize all the benefits of technology while also keeping your health for many years to come.

* * *

While you may not be having problems like I have, or your lack of sensitivity may hinder your awareness of these problems, it seems to me that everyone should still take a look at this info – before you get into my situation.

My thanks to Josh for all his work with and for this swift response to my question.



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  1. Deborah says:


  2. Deborah says:



  3. Deborah says:

    British Top Human Rights Lawyer Who Represented Julian Assange Dies in Apparent Suicide

    Hmmmm…………..another suspicious death…..”Apparent Suicide”………jumped in front of a train???!!!!….BS!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Deborah says:

    BREAKING: US Iranian Hostage Drops Bombshell About What He Saw on Tarmac Before Pickup

  5. Reblogged this on OUR GREATER DESTINY and commented:
    The only difference between an ordinary weapon and a silent weapon is the manner of its functioning!

  6. Deborah says:

    The ABSURDITY of the NWO’s BIG SHOW — Rachael McIntosh

    • Jean says:

      check this out!!!


      The new evidence of the US participation in the coup attempt in Turkey emerged. Greek press published a photo made a day before the coup. It shows the US ambassador in Turkey John Basse together with the Turkish senior officer, who looks like one of the leaders of the coup Col. Ali Yazıcı (former military adviser to President Erdogan). They had a private meeting in Cengelkoy café the day before the coup.

      F. William Engdahl – historian, economic researcher, writer comments this:

      The US right now is on a defensive. Erdogan has openly challenged leading NATO generals. There is investigation of evidences of the US involvement in the coup. I personally have suggested investigating the person of the US Ambassador in Ankara John Bass, who was Ambassador in Republic of Georgia in 2008 and who was involved in dirty business in Iraq, and also seems to be involved in “Color revolution” in Kiev. There are very few “traditional” diplomats in a state department.

      F. William EngdahlCIA

      THE US AMBASSADOR MET COUP LEADER THE DAY BEFORE THE…The new evidence of the US participation in the coup attempt in Turkey emerged. Greek press published a photo made a day before the coup. It shows…KATEHON.COM07.08.2016

    • Jean says:

      PS I’m listening to Simon Parkes new Q&A:

      • youma says:

        I just finished listening to the August 7, 2016 Simon Parkes “Connecting Consciousness” on You Tube. Fantastic. Thanks, Jean, for the information on safely using a computer. 🙂

      • JDR says:

        Well wishes across the board Jean,

        Near the beginning (just after the 2:00 mark) Simon mentions, “I want to thank you for the shungite you sent me.” That’s in reference to the upstairs of his home being nuked by some recently installed microwave/cell phone towers. Shungite is a black colored mineral. It’s composed of carbon 60 molecules which are 60 individual carbon atoms arrayed in a soccer ball shaped crystal configuration. It is said that this mineral somehow scientifically interferes with or dampens the negative biological effects that microwave and EMF radiation have on living flesh.

        Microwaves, when radiating water, remove structure and consciousness from the water like when you format a computer disc. It deadens the water thus, disease and tumors follow.

        A local rock and mineral merchant in my area sells pendants to be wore around the neck, loose stones and carved spheres and pyramids. He sells pendants that people can wear 24/7 and small flat pieces with sticky back adhesive to stick onto a cell phone. The little rocks can be carried in pockets and caved shapes placed on desktops.

        Since it’s all invisible and I don’t have any scientific measuring devices, nor have I read any scientific report, but have read and heard much about it, I’m going on faith that this crystalline material works. It’s just an idea.

      • Ilex says:

        Wow Jean! I listened to this yesterday; we are having four days of nonstop rain and they are flooding us on purpose. I was surprised that Simon is no longer standing up for catholicism. He is catholic and always used to defend it – not anymore. He actually sounds a little more grounded like someone has been working with him on his presentations over the air?
        Also interesting about the VAT tax in Europe.

  7. Deborah says:

    Hi, Folks –

    Callista of Rainbow Phoenix writes:
    Hi Hobie
    This was recorded on 2 June – 2 months ago – it is astonishing to observe the accuracy of this message in light of what has transpired since. Your readers may find it interesting:
    much love
    Cosmic Awareness Regarding Bernie Sanders

  8. Deborah says:

    Voters of America, you are being played – BIG TIME.

  9. SacredPeaks says:

    Thank you once again! Take care and many blessings to you!

  10. Tracy says:

    Dear Jean, thank you for this article about emf pollution very timely. I also wanted to advise if you had not yet seen this release from Thomas Deegan House of Deegan ~ Take care of yourself Jean, much love ❤

  11. Deborah says:


  12. Deborah says:

    Jean…….Listen to the beginning of this…….the Democratic Strategist response to Julian Assange….SICKENING!!!!!
    SGT Report NEWS BRIEF & SILVER: The Tide has Turned w/ David Morgan

    Love and Hugs ~ Deborah

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