Please note . . . ~Jean

They are now attacking me at night even for the few comments/links I have left in response to your comments.

I’m sorry, but I’d like to survive this . . . and I will be back, I promise you, but not for a while.

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15 Responses to Please note . . . ~Jean

  1. Athena says:

    I don’t know if this is asking the obvious but have you been using any of Kaitlyn’s Vibes UP products to help ground yourself and protect yourself from these attacks?

    Like sit on one of her “meditation mat”s while you are at the computer?

    Or scour her site — better yet, write to Kaitlyn to get her suggestions on what would ease your pain protect you best?

    If you’ve already got all the Vibes UP stuff then cool! Use it. If not, maybe that would help.

    Sorry if this is something you’ve already thought of. But I had been meaning to ask you about this. I finally just got “a round tuit” 😉

    With great love,


  2. Athena says:

    Ok and this is just a question that has been bouncing around in my mind.
    What if you’re an infinite being in a body?
    And what if the Universe doesn’t support the transfer of anything other than love?
    What if you’re being receptive to their “attacks”?
    What if you stopped allowing the “attacks” to filter into your being?
    What if we’re being like the puppy or kitten scared of their own reflection in the mirror?
    Scaring ourselves with the reflection of the “other” in the mirror.

    I’m sharing this with hopes that it’s received in the gentlest of ways.
    It JUST came to me as I was about to sign off.

    What if “black magic” has no power over anyone except for the power that they give to it?
    What if scalar attacks have no power over anyone except for the power that they give to it?

    There’s probably vast info that I don’t have regarding this. So please don’t take this as judgement.
    I was just wondering how much of this is unintentionally giving “them” power to do stuff to us, when it’s us doing it to ourselves all along?

    Right? No coach ever helps you. It’s you helping yourself.
    Maybe no one outside of you ever heals you?
    It’s you healing yourself? Believing that you CAN heal?

    Much love,


    • Jean says:

      Athena, thanks, and yes, I’m taking all the precautions I can. I also understand what you are saying, but you seem to forget we are still living in 3D. When I am attacked, I think they do what they did to Bradley Loves: It takes them about 2 months to find you on the satellite and hone in on you. My dog lets me know when it’s not natural, and as long as I stay away from anything too controversial, I’m okay.

      What was effectively done to me – all of which was stored not only in my emotional body/energy field but also in my physically body was pretty terrible . . . I could list it all, but my first experience in life was shock – two shocks to be specific that knocked my spirit out of my body, the result of being conceived in a rape (although my parents were married) into a toxic womb created by the fact my mother did not want a child. (To add to that bit of history, my father carried with him his own history: he, too, was conceived in a rape.) My spirit stayed with me, but did not return inside my body until I revisited that event on an emotional level sometime in my 60s. At that time I was taught how to ‘stay in my body.’ Then there was all the rest, the rapes by my father and uncle, the strangling, the attempt on my mother’s part to abort me – and believe me we carry all those memories with us, abuse also by my mother as her own sickness increased in a sick world, who wanted me for herself (my knowledge from my womb experience: I wanted to kill her but couldn’t because I had to survive, etc., etc., etc) . . . and it all played itself out, believe me.

      Then there were the years of drugs . . . and the addition of thyroid, to pump me up. It took me years to really get off them, even the thyroid. I did the healing work, the primal scream, got an artificial knee as the result of the terror my ‘newly’ conscious body experienced, the whole works – and it wasn’t pretty, made the necessary life changes, all of it: walked away from people and places I dearly love, because they couldn’t allow me my own sovereignty and I knew then that I wasn’t loving myself – having lived a lifetime without even my own spirit inside me, let along my own sovereignty; it was go along to get along, and I just couldn’t – and then just when I thought I was free, my body collapsed under me. Unaware, I hadn’t been breathing properly for a lifetime, and the resultant lack of oxygen to my muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc. finally almost two years ago took their toll and did me in. I cannot begin to tell you what the pain was like as everything literally stuck together (adhesions). In other words, the flow of energy through my body was shut down. There was no way it could ‘flow’ properly. My Hellerworker has been painfully releasing and opening my ley lines, once again. When I read the chapter in George Kavassilas’ book, Our Universal Journey, about who The Son/Sun really is and who the feminine really is – and the far greater suffering of women down through the eons (a story that has been totally twisted in favor of one man), I understood completely what we have done to our Mother, and I do hope we awaken to the horrors we have permitted to be perpetrated on her ley lines through fracking, for instance. The explosion of atom bombs in her belly, the degradation of her water, and on and on . . .

      Ask my Hellerworker, who acts as a conduit for the dark, negative energy he has been removing how awful it must be for her. I have literally seen his body look like the ‘wired’, Halloween black cat, with its fur sticking straight out as he has removed black energy from me! He can’t believe what my life must have been like . . . as he says, it just keeps coming and coming . . . (He has also said I am one tough woman 🙂 . . . but I know that its cause is not my dysfunctional family, not at all. It is the cabal, and this has been going on for eons as women have been degraded. I am not the only woman who has suffered in this way; billions of women down through the ages have suffered and continue to suffer without understanding the effects of such treatment on their lives, but I have survived it all and can tell about it. (And what about the angry men? They have every right to be angry, but not with women. They need to turn on those who have usurped their right to normal, healthy relations with women.) We have been led to believe that women are the cause of all the problems on this planet! No, they are not! They were the carriers of wisdom, of natural healing, of life itself, and we should have been cherished, but we were and are not . . . a very long time ago I said the root of the problem on this planet was simply the lack of healthy relations between the sexes. It is all so very distorted! Can anyone see it? Is anyone willing in their own personal life to do something about it, or are we willing for our children to continue to suffer in their own relationships?

      Yesterday, Ross, my healer, acted more aggressively out of concern for my extreme fatigue and I believe I finally made the necessary connection to life itself . . . and I’m now going very slowly with this incredible feeling of peace emanating from deep within me . . . At this point in time, Athena, I seem to have travelled a long way from your suggestion, but you see I truly believe right now there is only hard work for each of us in order to leave this awful ‘stuff’ behind. Those who believe otherwise, those who haven’t been willing to slow down and look within to do their own inner work won’t graduate this time. I don’t want to scare people, and most people don’t have to live the horror I have lived for the last twenty+ years, but that is the way I see it. David Icke has an excellent video about what we are up against . . . and as he says, information is information; facts are facts. . . we need to look at our situation very seriously . . Otherwise, we are naive, innocents being dragged into a world we might not choose.

      Love and light is not all there is, and we have to deal with this fact. The Nature of Light is that it has a DARK Side. If we are studying light to become Creators of Light, how can we graduate if we don’t understand the dark side of LIGHT?. . . and gain the ability to return to balance. To worship a GOD, is to worship limitation. It is disempowering, so why would we want to do that? Gods and religion are all about controlling us!!!

      Not many people agree with me, but George does, I feel sure, as does David Icke. Don’t get on an ET ship, please, and leave this planet. The Earth is our home! ETs understand that those of us who make it through will have the most coveted DNA in our Universe. Earth has become a fractal of our entire Universe, and we have the chance to become a fractal of the Earth. As the vibrations rise and our DNA strands become active once more, we will truly be incredible beings – but, Athena, we surely aren’t there as yet. Right now we’re working our way through a bit of the 4th dimension and this is why we are seeing such total insanity.

      This has been the plan all along.

      I didn’t start out knowing this. All I knew when I began the healing process was that I never wanted to have to live this life over again in any form at all. It has been too terrible. There isn’t any sense in our arguing about this. I can only tell you about my own experience, but we are in a time when if we want to graduate we must each take responsibility for our own decisions. I’ve made mine, and I am taking responsibility for my self. Each of you must do the same.

      If you don’t understand my words, I beg you to do some research for yourselves so you can make up your own minds.

      Love and hugs to everyone,

      PS I left a link to a very new video interview (yesterday) of Simon Parkes by Kerry Cassidy on another comment.

      PPS Athena, I have been very close to death many times in my own process, and I have trusted and believed that I CAN heal 🙂 but it also takes work . . . 🙂

  3. Nancy Snedden says:

    Jean, this just in from Very important for Deegan and Bundys:

    • Jean says:

      This is so important. Thank you, Nancy! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Nancy Snedden says:

        You’re welcome. I hope this will be forwarded to anyone who knows either family or people working for them. I miss you! Hope you stay well.

        • Jean says:

          Nancy, I have forwarded this, and you (and others) may be interested to read the comment that Leonard Harview has posted as a result under this particular article. . . Yes, I miss everyone, too, and I hope one day to be back, however briefly. . . .Love and hugs to all who read this . . . ~Jean

          • Nancy Snedden says:

            Hi again. I hate to be a bother, but I’m not sure if you’re talking about the article I sent or another one, and have been unable to find it or any comments by Leonard Harview.

            • Jean says:

              Nancy, if you will go the link you shared, you will see that Leonard’s comment is now third on the list . . . I hope everyone can see it . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  4. Athena says:


    Bless you and thank you for answering!

    Have you seen this video about high dose vitamin C? It can help ligaments as well — if I understand other things I’ve heard about high dose vitamin C correctly.

    Check your intuition and see if it would be worth your time to see this video

    This man was at death’s door with swine flu and thanks to his compromised immune system he also had leukemia show up in his body. By some miracle his family was adamant that the doctors try Intravenous Vitamin C and this cleared up his lungs and ultimately cleared his leukemia.

    That’s the liposomal Vitamin C that he was having to use when the 2nd medical establishment refused to give him high dose vitamin C intravenously.

    It’s a really amazing story. Maybe something in the Vitamin C story can help you as well.

    Thank you for the link to the Icke video. I’ll do my best to work through its content. Hehe I’ve also been consuming alot of — I feel like Alex Jones, while he doesn’t have the complete picture, has alot of very good information.

    I’ll stop pestering you so you can rest up and stay healthy hehe. It was just stuff I’d been wanting to share with you b/c you’ve shared so much amazing info with us. It was YOU who shared Vibes up with us and thanks to you I was able to find those amazing products.

    So much gratitude for all that you’ve shared with us!


    • Jean says:

      Actually, I work with a biofeedback doctor, and I’m well taken care of in the supplement area 🙂

      You are a dear, and I thank you for caring – and yes, Vibes Up are amazing and I’m using them, too . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  5. Athena says:

    Does this help with protection?

    I’m wondering if this helps.

    material quoted below

    Corey: Yeah, that comes with practice. We were talking about the weapons systems that . . . I forgot to mention that they also used these to guard facilities, aircraft, spacecraft. They will shield them from being remote-viewed.

    So remote viewers, if they try to . . . If you were trying to view a certain facility, they have people that are basically on etheric guard. And if someone comes in and tries to remote view, then . . . remote viewers call them “those who scatter”. Right when they start to lock in on the target, they find their thoughts . . . it just gets scattered. And they use technology to enhance them when they’re doing this.

    When I was a kid, they would find out each of us – what our gift or ability was and try to teach us to use that to protect ourself from people remote viewing us. And the method that they taught me was visualizing a counter-rotating blue ball around me, one spinning this way [clockwise], one spinning that way [counterclockwise], and picture it spinning faster and faster in each direction, and picture who or whatever’s remote viewing you or trying to remote influence you being pulled into it. And then grab each end and pull it tight to where it snaps.

    And it shoots energy back through the person who is remote viewing you, and it gives them what they call an “etheric headache”. And it can give them a very severe headache and other problems for several days.



  6. Marilyn says:

    Jean sure do miss you, hope you are feeling better, haven’t heard from you in awhile, Stop in and chat a little just to check in with all of us. The world is heating up more everyday, its becoming a soap opera. Never know what tomorrow will bring. Take care-LOts of HUGs to you!

    • Jean says:

      Marilyn, I read your comment earlier today and I’ve been thinking about it – and I just don’t know what to say. I’m finally beginning to walk without pain, but without too much strength as yet. This is all good; after all, it has been almost two years. I’ve learned so much during this time . . . what is really meaningful in life, mostly, because when I couldn’t walk, I had to stop doing so much. Getting dressed and undressed necessitates walking between closet and bureau, and if they aren’t close to one another, plus something to sit on needs to be nearby . . . well, maybe you can see the problem. What about standing to cook? Walking my dog? Being alone so much of the time . . . this was difficult, but I knew I had to monitor myself and that there was much I had to learn, which no one else, no matter how well-meaning could teach me. I needed the quiet time for inner reflection.

      What did I do with my time?

      Well, as you all know for a long time I ‘did’ my blog, which I loved. I think I wanted to share/teach with everyone what I was learning . . . of course, it was my point of view and my experience, but what else can be ‘real’ truth? Book learnin’ won’t do it for anyone anymore, will it? I also painted, but that pretty much came to an end as I struggled and my energy lessened. It’s starting to gradually come back now, but I’ve put aside almost all of the shoulds and oughts . . . things I always thought I should/ought to do when maybe I didn’t really want to. . . I’m much more at peace now, and it feels so good after years of physical and emotional torture. I’m grateful though I could make this healing journey, because I remember saying at the very beginning, some 20 years ago, that I’m going to get this over with in this lifetime, because I’m never, ever coming back to this terrible place again. At that time, I didn’t even understand reincarnation . . . so those were big words from a very lost person. The other thing I did was to walk with my dogs – and now that is gone . . .

      Yes, Marilyn, the word is heating more and more as we approach a crisis, which will be the end of this way of life – for everyone. I continue to follow it very carefully, looking for new information, and I often wonder what value there is in it anymore? I read a wonderful peace by Rebecca Solnit, just out, about the indigenous gathering against the pipeline, and I realize how much more I know than Rebecca, maybe because for years I have been rejected socially wherever I’ve lived, and refusing to give up my sovereignty – you know, go along to get along, I would listen to lectures at night from the best and brightest on the internet. It was like they were my friends, and what a schooling they gave me . . . Would Rebecca value my input, because I could tell her there is no intention that the pipeline will truly be called off – unless, of course, the cabal is brought to their knees. They are simply letting things cool off for the moment, and with good reason. Is it my place to share these facts – and much, much more, simply gleaned from reading extensively and having knowledge of the world scene? I don’t think so. Rebecca, who write so beautifully, is also on her own path, and it’s not up to me to influence it. . .

      My question for myself as I finish up this little greeting to all of you, my readers, who may happen to see this comment, is where is my life going next? What can I offer to others that might be of value? There was a time when I had so much energy and so many ideas, but this war has dragged on for a very long time, and I think decisions have been taken, and there isn’t much need for my sort of input anymore – even if they’d allow me to post it. Is it time for me to seriously consider ascension? I think so . . .

      [BTW, I Googled one of my blogs . . . and they’ve put up a message that my blog is no longer available! Wow! Have they done it with the othe rone? I don’t want to fight it. I don’t need to do that anymore. They’ve already lost.

      Today, my health worker paid me what I consider to be a supreme compliment. His work is all about energetic alignment of the body: the proper flow of the breath in alignment with the heart/blood flow and the spinal fluid. All three together in his mind create a connected human being. His words to me: The earth is beginning to speak to you! And I believe she is, because when I awakened last night, the helpful thoughts concerning my healing that came to my mind were total magic to me.

      What does this all mean?

      Only time will tell . . .

      I love you all and I hope to return in just a few shorts weeks with something specific to say . . . if life is good to me and to all of us 🙂 🙂 🙂


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