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Relationships: What Is Love – Byron Katie

posted 7 July, 2016

Through this process, anyone can learn to trace unhappiness to its source and deal with it there. Katie (as everyone calls her) not only shows us that all the problems in the world originate in our thinking: she gives us the tool to open our minds and set ourselves free.

* * *

Which Is The Real American Government? — Unanswered Letters 2 — Reply to Pat Anderson. by Anna Von Reitz,  annavoreitz.com

There has been a LOT of confusion in this process, Pat—- unavoidably so, with the meanings of words being deliberately obscured and many facets of our history buried in reams of the most boring verbiage on Earth.

But….here is the skinny of it all, as delved out from the public records we have.

The Forefathers established nation-states in each of the colonies. Nations are political entities composed of members of Jural Assemblies— unincorporated associations of people who join together for the purpose of defining and enforcing local law; and in our case, that means the Common Law of the land, because our nation-states and our jural assemblies are all land-based and this is the form of law that our Forefathers chose to operate the land jurisdiction.

States are also political entities “standing for” those nations, created for the purpose of administration of public works and trusteeship of public resources. So you have the nation, a political entity structured as an unincorporated association of free people acting as a Jural Assembly to define and enforce the law, and you have the state, which is entrusted with providing public services and trusteeship of public property which is owned “in common”.

The word “state” has another meaning, too, which is the geographic territory in which the members of the state jural assembly live and over which their authority extends.

A “county” is similarly structured. The word can stand for the organization charged with administration of public works and trusteeship of public resources within the boundaries of the geographic territory, or it can mean the literal geographic territory in which the county jural assembly lives and over which their authority extends.

In the American System, generally speaking, townships make up counties, counties make up states, and the political power vested in these organic states and their living people forming their jural assemblies flows upward—- from the bottom up, not the top down. These American nation-states which occupy the land mass of our country are all organized as–literally– separate countries within the “perpetual” Union of States created by The Articles of Confederation (1781). This is how the nation-states on the land are organized and how they have always been organized.

There has been no change in this basic concept and structure since 1781. Contrary to popular misinformation, the adoption of The Constitution(s) nearly a decade later had nothing to do with and did not destroy, amend, or replace The Articles of Confederation nor affect the Union of States created by The Articles of Confederation.

The Constitution adopted by the States of America just described is called, appropriately enough, “The Constitution for the united States of America”.

A “constitution” is by definition a “debt agreement or contract”, and in this case, it memorialized a contract for services between the States and the new “Federal Government” they organized as means to provide these “services in common” and which acknowledged the debt that the original States incurred as a result. The States farmed out some of their work to the federal entity they created, and in exchange, those services were standardized within all the participating States. The agreement resulted in establishing a common defense, a common form of money, a common trade policy, and so on. ALL of the duties assigned to the new “federal government” were international in nature. The States retained all authority related to their land jurisdiction. Period.

Please note that the “federal government” created was a voluntary association of independent nation-states and was never a sovereign government at all.

Once this new association of the States of America was created and adopted–on top of and in addition to and not in any way competing with the Union of States created by The Articles of Confederation— the service contract became operative and the “federal government” began providing the mutually agreed-upon “governmental services” the associated States contracted to receive and pay for.

The Federal Government was and is a subcontractor of the States of America. It has no other business being here, and since we and our States of America created the “Federal Government” we retain the right to amend its service contract, renegotiate its service contract, or terminate its service contract at will.

As part of its services contract, the Federal Government is required to protect and defend our National Trust, known as the United States Trust. This is set forth in the Preamble of The Constitution and was further elucidated by the Bill of Rights. The organization thus created and popularly known as the Federal Government has no duties related to the land jurisdiction of the United States, except the “Interstate Commerce Clause” provision which exists merely to “regulate” and expedite free trade between the independent nation-states in the same way that the Federal Government is supposed to regulate and expedite American free trade with and among all the other nations of the world.

Please note that because the Federal Government’s duties are all international in nature, it functions naturally in the international jurisdiction of the sea and under the Law of the Sea—–not the Law of the Land. The only form of “common law” available to the Federal Government is international Martial Common Law. When federal officials and agencies refer to The Constitution as the “Law of the Land” they mean that literally, as in the foreign law of our separate and natural jurisdiction on the land—- it’s our Law that they have to respect when they come ashore on our soil. Please also note that the Federal Jurisdiction created by The Constitution is operated from the top down, not from the bottom up. It depends on executive power being exercised to direct all of its activities.

What has occurred here has been a gradual usurpation by the Federal Government which is now operated via two huge international “governmental services corporations” —- THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. fronted by the FEDERAL RESERVE, INC. and the UNITED STATES, INC., fronted by the IMF.

Various semantic deceits based on similar or even identical names being used to promote fraud against the States of America and the American People have been employed by these corporations and their managers. Chief among these frauds have been the creation of “federated states, counties, and municipalities”.

The two giant federal service corporations made a successful bid to co-opt the organizations that were providing us with State and County level services. They promised the State and County organizations a cut of “federal revenue sharing” in exchange for all of them incorporating as franchises—- like Dairy Queen franchises. This was done as a “private business deal” without public announcement or permission or plebiscite, and it has had profound adverse results.

The Checks and Balances upon which our lawful government depends have been eradicated. Instead of the “State” and “County” organizations representing the interests of the States of America and the American People, they have been commandeered to represent the interests of the parent “federal” corporations instead. This has been done via the simple act of incorporating.

Whenever you incorporate anything, you take it straight off the jurisdiction of the land and out from under the Law of the Land and set sail in the international jurisdiction of the sea. This is how our Constitution has been side-stepped by these organizations and the way that improper fraudulent claims have been exercised against the land and the people of the States of America.

Now, finally getting to your question, Pat—- what about all these new organizations running around and claiming to “be” the legitimate government? We’ve got Tim Turner’s “Republic of the united States of America (RuSA)” and we’ve got Russell Gould’s “Unity States of the World” and we’ve got the French “Neu Republique” and it seems that absolutely everyone has “offered” to stand in for our government, but the fact remains that this is a government of the people, by the people and for the people—- and that means that we actually have to show up and do the work of governing ourselves.

The last few years have been like that old television show—- “Will the real United States of America please stand up?”

The problem with all the aforementioned groups is that they have all concentrated on seizing power from the criminally mismanaged governmental services corporations instead of concentrating on restoring the lawful government from the ground up. They all want to walk onto center stage, claim the baton, and continue to repeat the same mistakes with whatever variations. And that doesn’t solve the real problem which is ignorance of who we are and how our government is supposed to work: from the bottom up.

The fact of the matter is that under international law, each and every birthright American State National IS the government. We are all nation-states, sovereigns, and a law unto ourselves. That is the true brilliance of our Forefathers. As long as we know who we are, we call the shots. As long as there is even one American left standing to exercise The Constitution against these rats, the Last Man Standing Rule applies. So, here we are, exercising the Last Man Standing Rule and forcing all this crap to be dug out from under the rug and dealt with once and for all.

Last November we entered a national crisis with hardly anyone being aware of it. Having failed to establish “exclusive legislative rule” and having no excuse for their fraudulent claims and criminal activities on our shores, the IMF doing business as the UNITED STATES, Inc. let the governmental services corporation go insolvent and prepared to liquidate its assets. They did this without naming any Successor to contract. That led to the “federal side” of The Constitution being “vacated” for the first time in over 200 years.

They actually thought that they could pull this off. They thought they could come in here and “pull an FDR” and claim all the land and assets of the States of America and the American People as payment for their private corporate debts. They thought they could “dispense with” the actual Constitution and its guarantees and come in here and rape and pillage at will. The banks were in full hue and cry. Their operatives claimed before the UN Security Council and the UN Trust Committees that we no longer exist, that we no longer had “international representation”, that we had no “national currency in circulation”.

The banks meant to kill our nation, void our Constitution, and seize our “abandoned” assets to enrich themselves.

So, we formed a new contract agreement with the Native American Nations to represent the States of America and the American People in fulfillment of The Constitution for the united States of America. We issued new Sovereign Letters Patent in rebuttal of the banks and we issued a new Declaration of Joint Sovereignty.

That instantly put the resources and people of the Indigenous Nations on the playing board and on our side. These nations, the Athabascan Nation and the Lakota Nation, are recognized internationally, are members of the United Nations, have more than 15 million members, are competent to fulfill the “federal” side of The Constitution contract, and have agreed to do so.

For the first time in more than three centuries, the American People as a whole have the opportunity to stand together and rule their own destiny on the land and on the sea. We stuck our fingers in the dyke, but it is up to everyone to now work to repair our lawful government and expose the fraud and mismanagement and breach of trust that landed our country in this situation.

All of this is heading toward an inevitable national plebiscite in which the facts are all finally disclosed to everyone and in which each one of us decides the fate of our nation. Meantime, the necessary work of restoring the lawful government on the land has begun. In every corner, township and county, Jural Assemblies are forming and the county level governments owed to the land jurisdiction are booting up.

This, finally, is our government coming from the bottom up, the government of the people, by the people and for the people. This is profoundly not an insurrection. It’s a restoration.

What about the “STATE” and “COUNTY” governments presently operating as franchises of these huge multi-national banking cartels? There’s no need to fight with them. They are just franchises like Dairy Queen franchises of an insolvent parent corporation on one hand (UNITED STATES, Inc.) and another governmental services corporation (THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Inc.) that doesn’t have a valid contract on the other.

Are we supposed to fight with Dairy Queen? Over what? New flavors of ice cream?

No, all that is necessary is that Americans wake up and remember who they are, and start operating their own government the way their government is supposed to work: unincorporated States and Counties operating the land jurisdiction of this nation as a check and a balance against the incorporated Federal Government charged with operations in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

As part of this process we will have the opportunity to call a Continental Congress and review The Contract. We now know, for example, that allowing the United States Congress to have plenary control of the District of Columbia was a mistake. There are several such “holes” in The Constitution that need plugging. Ultimately, the People and their States of America may see fit to amend, rewrite, restructure, or even destroy the existing Constitution in favor of a new consolidated structure that better protects and enunciates the sacredness of each Man and Woman and which provides less leeway for public employees to go astray.

Whatever happens, I know this much: the American People are now awake and thinking about all this like never before, and that process is not likely to reverse. God bless America.

* * *

Another review of the film of Neither Wolf nor Dog. . .by Kent Nerburn and thanks to Bamboo-Water

I just received this in my in-box. Being compared to Easy Rider is no small compliment.

I think this little gem is going to make its way in the world.

EdinburghGuide » Reviews » Edinburgh Film Festival

Film Review: Neither Wolf Nor Dog

By Dylan Matthew

Running time:

Scottish director Steven Lewis Simpson is no stranger to either the source material for his latest feature nor the guerrilla film making techniques he’s deployed to bring it to life. Based on the book by Kent Nerburn, this adaptation by both author and director depicts Nerburn’s unexpected journey through Native America’s history, culture and landscape.

Nerburn is summoned by Dan, a Lakota Elder who asks him to write a book about his life and his people’s history. Feeling unqualified, unworthy and reluctant he turns the offer down but events conspire to draw him back in. After a blundering false start, Nerburn (Christopher Sweeney) is all but kidnapped and taken on a road trip around the Native American landscape. Stopping off at key landmarks, Dan and his companion Grover (Richard Ray Whitman) try to educate him in their ways, encouraging him to see and write the story in his own way without falling prey to white men’s guilt-ridden cliches of glorifying an indigenous race.

Dan is played by 97 year old Chief Dave Bald Eagle in a wonderfully honest, no-frills way that only such an elderly semi-professional actor could achieve. His aged face, voice and manner was a joy to behold. A veteran of the D-Day landings, Dave Bald Eagle’s worldly experience is etched into his face and being. So good was his performance that when he falls asleep out of boredom whilst listening to Nerburn’s first efforts being read aloud I incorrectly thought he’d nodded off for real.

And so the journey unfolds with the three souls pottering from dreary rural shacks to the magnificent prairies of South Dakota and Nerburn’s understanding is slowly awakened by his benevolent captors. Relative newcomer Sweeney is the perfect foil to his companions more worldly philosophy playing it with charismatic understatement, a fish out of water, begrudgingly grateful for his new insights and friendships.

Unfurling at a leisurely pace, this is a put your feet up and let it gently wash over you road movie and a real coming of age departure for Simpson. His previous independent features such as the thrillers Ticking Man and Rez Bomb were more pacy action affairs. Here the material is given room to breathe. In one outstanding set piece Nerburn, Dan and Grover drink coffee in a roadside cafe. Their brief rest is interrupted by a begging drunk who repeatedly enters and leaves the cafe. It’s both amusing and tragic and without saying very much in the way of dialogue it says a great deal about what has become of some of America’s heritage.

That and several others scenes achieve this quality in spite to the film’s 18 day shooting schedule. To me this sounds like a breakneck speed to make a feature but Simpson likes to work unfussily with a small crew. Undoubtedly this allows for creative freedom but like many guerrilla style films the low to no budget constraints sometimes show up on screen. This is the case here as well where at times the rough edges make themselves known. Easy Rider came to mind, it too had many rough edges, improvisation and a few sleepy moments yet feels like an edgy film holding the viewer to the end. Now put three guys in a car insteadof bikes, subtract the frenetic editing, the rock n roll and the drugs but somehow achieve the same result.

Much of Neither Wolf Nor Dog’s power comes from this rawness and the truth of its source. And much of it’s beautiful to look at whether it’s a landscape or Dave Bald Eagle’s solemn face and delivery which is contrasted and complemented nicely by Richard Ray Whitman’s spiky sarcastic performance which also deserves a mention. There are many good laughs too and a terrific throwaway punchline and visual gag in the last scene.

But most memorably the penultimate scene at the site of the Wounded Knee Massacre packs an unexpected emotional punch that lingers long after. Apparently tossing the script aside Dave Bald Eagle improvised his dialogue to Christopher Sweeney and the camera simply followed them. Not that much is seen or said but its deeply affecting as they pass the graves that mark the butchering of dozens of men, women and children by the 7th US Cavalry.

All things considered, including its rough edges, its low budget aesthetic and approach, Neither Wolf Nor Dog is an impressive achievement and feels like an important story made with passion and deserves to be seen by audiences beyond the festival circuit.

Neither Wolf Nor Dog received its World Premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival earlier this year.

* * *

With all that is going on in Turkey, I think you might find this from F. William Engdahl of interest. It is from his book, The Lost Hegemon, and it feela like it is ‘right on’


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In Response to a Reader’s Comment :) ~Jean

Hi Jean,
I’m glad you’ re resting from news. However, a post now and then to let us know how you are doing would be nice. You know…. make sure you are alright.

Best wishes,

* * *

On my 77th :)

On my 77th 🙂

So, thanks to Alex, who has been with me for what feels like forever, I’m back for a moment to say ‘hello.’ Finally, my one leg is coming ‘online’ and I’m beginning to walk again, now only with a cane, which I think will soon go. You have no idea what a lift this is mentally and emotionally. Besides everything else I’ve had to heal, I’m even walking in a conscious way, and now at 77, I’m still raring to go. In the darkest, most painful times, I ‘trusted’, and here I still am. 🙂

I am not, however, taking a rest from the news! How could I? 🙂 I have to admit, though, that am greatly relieved in not having to post every day.  I’m following the situation carefully, but if I get out of line — even privately, I get ‘zinged’, so I’m careful. It’s frustrating, because there is much I would like to share with you all. 

Here is a video I found that is extraordinarily beautiful, because of the special sounding music combined with the beautiful pictures of our blessed Mother Earth and the creatures who share this planet with us!  If you watch it, please enlarge the screen, and you might want to reduce the volume a bit . . . your choice, of course. 

I miss you all more than I can say, and one day I hope to be back with everyone in some way or other. Thank you all for your kind and gracious emails expressing caring for me and thanks for the time we shared together as we grew in knowledge and wisdom — and hopefully, in LOVE, firstly for ourselves, and then others, whom we can then love ‘freely’ without the traditional ‘hooks’!!!

BIG hugs to everyone!

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From ~Jean, Saturday, May 28, 2016

I’ve been wanting to write to everyone, because I do miss you all so very much. Yet, I don’t know, even now what I can say. I’m glad I stopped my blog; it was beyond time to stop reporting the pure insanity of our lives. If we don’t know all the history, we know enough. I’ve been criticized that my blog dwelled too much on the dark, and perhaps it did, but the real truth is not only about the Light. Let me explain what I saw my blog as being:

When I started blogging, I simply wanted to follow the financial collapse and to offer hope.

That was it!

I didn’t know anything about big pharma, the Vatican, ETs, life in the universe, vaccines, genocide, Agenda 21, education, etc. That all came along as I learned — and I hope you all learned with me, too. I made mistakes, but I was transparent about them and I never lied. I always told the truth. How else are we to learn, if not by mistakes? It is not possible to learn the difficult lessons of life from a book, or from another scholar. My life had been one of abuse, and I’d had very little experience in the real, tough world. I found it difficult to believe that many who profess they are saving us are really thieves. I was naive and delighted that my work was finally appreciated. Little did I know the truth that one-more-time my abilities were being used. It was a tough lesson, but I believe I learned it.

I sit here today wanting to tell you that I will be back, but at the moment I do not see it would be of any value, either to you or me. As I have continued the difficult journey of ‘getting my issues out of my tissues’ (Ross’ slogan is that if you have an issue it is in your tissue), I have realized that using electronic means to communicate is artificial. As I’m coming to understand energy on a deeper level – the energy that is running through my body, I realize that the energy we are using on the television, internet, and so on is an artificial construct. It is a fake reality that I have been buying into for far too long. I have Nature sounds on my television, which is about all I listen to anymore, but these are not ‘real’. I am not truly connected energetically to Mother Earth or Father Sun. I need to be outside so I can reestablish that real connection for as much time each day as I can find to do so. A fake electronic connection will not help me to heal!

Much of this understanding has come about from my reading and re-reading a book called Our Universal Journey by George Kavassilas.

[Start reading it for free: http://amzn.to/25tfGQ
Download Kindle for Android, iOS, PC, Mac and more http://amzn.to/1r0LubW ]

This book came to me at the perfect time, and it resonates as ‘truth’ to me; I was so ready for it! I suggest it to everyone, knowing your inner voice will direct you to read it, or not. Probably one of the most important statements he makes, backed up with plenty of experiential ‘facts’ is that, in my words, we are being lied to and manipulated. We are not a weak, immature, young race. We do not need mentoring. The Bible and many ancient texts are based on too much falsehood, and like Ben Fulford’s weekly letters that may contain a grain of truth, I’m no longer interested in spending my time with them. The other statement that George makes and then fully explains is that we are being fooled by a kind of love that is really conditional. Many of us, because we have been so deprived of real love, have bought into it. 

We took this journey on for a reason, and we are about to regain our wisdom via the activation of our 12 strands of DNA and become Creators of Light,  far beyond the fourth dimension, which is where we have been led to believe we are going. At this time, we will no longer need technology! Because of this, almost everyone in our Universe is watching us and hoping to control us in some way for their benefit and keep us from becoming who we truly are.  Read George’s text, and like I did, perhaps you will also find it quite amazing! All we truly need to move forward is our heart connection!!!

Yesterday, I sat and watched once again the entire video of Crimea, the Way Back Home – with the CC (closed captions) on, and I cried a lot, because I understand how far Americans still must come. The people of Crimea demonstrated and set us such a clear example. How many actually watched the lengthy video that I recommended so many times? I wonder.

Those in Crimea have a history of suffering and as a result have come to see what is of true value, and here in America we are still fighting one another. People still haven’t realized that we must come together as human beings to expel those who would enslave us all. As far as I am concerned, the election continues to be a big joke. No matter who wins, if this election goes forward, we are going to suffer. Like people all over the world, Americans need a time of stability, of the sense that they are truly being cared for — not lied to. They need to be told the ‘real’ truth, and then they need time and help to deal with the fact that their world has been turned upside down. 

Yesterday, I also watched a video called MUST LISTEN: World Economic Collapse will be SUDDEN and by summer, Gold over $2000! | Bo Polny I know enough about tech charts to say it makes sense, but then there is always so much none of us knows. 

I watched two other videos about the early political life of Putin, and I could only pray a leader like him might emerge for all of us. He tells his people the truth; he cares for them. He understands sovereignty, both personal and national, and he lives by the law. When we are ready for such a leader, he will appear. From what I read in the news, I do not think we are yet ready.

PRESIDENT – Episode 1/8 – War in Chechnya. Way from Prime Minister to Acting President Documentary by Vladimir Solovyov

Full docu in Russian

PRESIDENT – Episode 2/8 – Elections. President of a country in decay. Tragedy of Kursk submarine

Rest of the episodes coming soon… [I couldn’t find any of the other episodes]

Then this morning, I read more of the propaganda being put out about him and Russia’s involvement in Syria. These are utter lies, and I believe Putin is waiting for the planet to awaken. He has no desire to control us, but he isn’t going to allow his country to be a victim of us ever again. We can participate, or not, and help to move things in a positive direction.

In the night, I started up my iPad to check Ziad Fadel’s site, syrianperspective.com because he is the only one really saying anything at all about Syria right now — I think important things are happening there at this very time, and as my fingers worked on my iPad, they quickly shot a burst of energy into my body that re-injured my legs and kept me awake.

Certainly, it does not make any sense to come back now, but I will not say I will never come back. Never is a long time. Under different circumstances, I might change my mind, but I think I am largely done with heavy doses of the energy of the computer. My thanks to all of you who continue to share with me. Your research was always better than mine 🙂 My thanks also to everyone who is sharing various health remedies, etc. Somehow I am surviving and continuing to learn as I heal. My feeling has always been that if I deal with my unconscious emotions by making them conscious, everything else will fall in place. I still think that is true.

My love and many hugs to everyone.




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Sunday, May 8, 2016

I’m sorry to say that I simply can’t prepare a report for you today. After a very difficult night, I have had to make the decision that this looks very much like it may be the end of my blog — as it has been.

I know we will all get through this, and I know there will be life on the other side — and it will be a good life for those who will open themselves to the wonderful opportunities to come.

Thanks to everyone who has helped and contributed here, because my blog certainly became your blog, and I want you to know how much I am aware of and appreciate this fact.

I’m not in a place right now physically where I feel able to say more, and I ask you to realize that this is a necessary step for me at this moment. I do not know what will come next, but I hope to return with a presentation of my dreams beyond this blog— in an effort to make them a physical reality.

My love and blessings to everyone, and I hope you will understand that my physical health must take priority.


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Saturday, May 7, 2016

I, too, have been taking massive ‘hits’ and am only publishing a couple things today. I will try to be back tomorrow. ~J

The Oracle Report, Saturday, May 7, 2016



Laura says: I have been taking massive “hits” for yesterday’s report.  I will try to post a report tomorrow, Sunday, May 8.  Much love to all of the true wise owls.

FOR ALL FROM ANDREW: Laura subtly suggested we join together in a group hug around the world. For those who have joined in the Wings Around the World in the past, the visualization and participation are powerful. Here are the instructions to follow. The space is prepared.



A group meditation that occurs at individual times is the mission. If you are inclined, sometime today, perhaps in the time you would have ordinarily read today’s report, please join me in a gathering of minds. Picture:

-Your shield of divine protection
-Yourself taking flight as a wise owl
-Yourself taking your place in a ring around the Earth with the other wise owls around the world
-From your heart, emanate a wave of alignment with love, freedom, and the value of life
-Feel the pulse circle as the music we are putting around our sphere

Repeat what you know in your heart: “Love prevails.”

Please modify this according to your own practice and style. I have aleady prepared the space for the “ring of wings around the world.” Let’s keep our minds focused on the bigger picture today.

Sophia Acusame


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Headlines, Friday, May 6, 2016

The Oracle Report, Friday, May 6, 2016 – 

Welcome to the New Moon in Taurus!

So last lunar cycle, the first cycle of the natural year (as calculated by the cycles of the Sun and Moon), we set intentions and imprinted the “field” with our hopes, wishes, and dreams for ourselves and for the fellowship of humanity.

This lunar cycle, which begins today, we hold the line with those intentions.  We maintain our high aim.  We do not lose sight of what we are doing: adding our awareness to what is going on so that the Hundredth (Billionth?) Monkey Effect can take hold and take humanity out of the land of being unhappy drones.

Keep in mind, we have already won this battle and this war.  We are now playing it out.  We witness the freeing of the human mind, body, and spirit.  We attend to Wisdom.

Justifying covert aggression – America’s biggest of all big lies, by Eric Zuesse


On April 26th, Reuters headlined from Romania, “‘We’re Not Here to Provoke,’ Say US Pilots on Putin’s Doorstep”, and gave as an example. . . 

. . . How can it not be ‘provoking’, when Russia now faces a threat from Obama and America’s NATO alliance, that’s vastly worse than what America had faced from the Soviet dictator Nikita Khrushchev and the USSR’s Warsaw Pact alliance in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis?

Russia Accuses Obama of Supporting Al Qaeda in Syria, by Eric Zuesse

Pepe Escobar: Economic fascism in form of TTIP is doomed in Europe and Asia

Top Republicans refuse to back Trump despite past words and calls for unity

With Clinton and Trump, the fix is in. Heads, they win; tails, you lose,” Sasse wrote. “Why are we confined to these two terrible options? This is America. If both choices stink, we reject them and go bigger. That’s what we do. Remember: our Founders didn’t want entrenched political parties. So why should we accept this terrible choice?”

Zerohedge: Deep State Democrats & The Donald – Ron Paul Destroys The 2-Party System Myth . . . I totally agree with the statement below. We are in a time of great change, so why are people willing to accept the lesser of two EVILS? Aren’t we all worth more than that? Who taught us to accept less, to gratefully ‘settle’ — as if we are not ever entitled to more? My question: Why not? 

I’ve never bought into this idea that the lesser of two evils is a good idea.

PressTV-‘Trump to leak classified US intelligence’

FBI investigators will interrogate Hillary Clinton over email scandal, possibly before California primary

A comprehensive look at Hillary Clinton’s disastrous and destructive foreign policy resumé

3 shooting victims at Montgomery Mall in tony DC suburb [Bethesda] Right before Mother’s Day. I’ll bet the merchants aren’t happy!

Zerohedge: Caught On Tape: 100s Of M1 Abrams Tanks Roll Through Houston, TX

Just days after we exposed Texas police planning for riots and conducting mass arrest drills, the site of hundreds of M1 Abrams battle-tanks rolling on a train through Houston raised more than a few eyebrows…

Zerohedge: Lawmakers To Obama: Don’t Supply Syrian Rebels With Stingers

More than two dozen U.S. lawmakers are urging President Barack Obama to refrain from supplying Syrian rebels with American-made shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles… “While we may have differing perspectives regarding the appropriate US response to the horrific violence in Syria, we agree that MANPADS would only lead to more violence, not only in Syria, but potentially around the world…”

Loss of heritage: Louisiana tribe to be resettled as US’ first climate refugees for $48 million

US team turns arm skin into touchpad with new technology

 * * *

Russian Defense Ministry organizes press tour of Syria with over 100 journalists from 26 countries

Western Leaders May Huff and Puff, but Putin’s Not Going to Give Up Assad

UN Human Rights Adviser: US, Allies Exaggerate Power of Syrian Opposition

‘You can go your way’: Erdogan rejects demands to change anti-terror law for EU visa deal

RT: Refugee camp bombed near Aleppo: Multiple casualties reported, blame game begins

If the deliberate nature of the attack is proven, the incident will “amount to a war crime,” the UN official added.

. . . While there is no conclusive information on the perpetrator of the attack, UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond immediately rushed to blame the bombing on the Syrian government.

“The Assad regime’s contempt for efforts to restore the cessation of hostilities in Syria is clear for all to see,” he said in a statement, while describing the reports pertaining to the attack as “horrifying.”

Syrian rebel propaganda refuted: An “airstrike” that did not happen, by Moon of Alabama

RT: Evidence hints Al-Nusra Front behind Aleppo refugee camp attack, no signs of airstrike – Russian MOD

Militants give conflicting reports on state of Aleppo ceasefire

Non-Aligned Movement: US Supreme Court Breaks International Law

The recent US Supreme Court decision allowing victims of Iranian-sponsored terrorist attacks to collect $2 billion in damages from the Islamic Republic is illegal, the 120-nation Non-Aligned Movement said in a letter of protest to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

“The Coordinating Bureau of the Non-Aligned Movement rejects the illegal practice of the United States in defying international law by allowing and facilitating private plaintiffs to bring civil action before US courts against sovereign states, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, leading to the awards of default judgements against them and their national institutions,” the letter stated on Thursday.

PressTV-‘Saudi-backed side blocking Yemen talks’

Silencing Libya: NATO returns to the scene of the crime

Not interested: India dismisses US offer of F-16 fighter jets

 * * * 

Putin offers free land for citizens & foreigners in Russia’s Far East

Russia plans to start meat and poultry exports to China

‘Defend our borders’: Merkel urges Europe to tighten border security citing threat of nationalism

PressTV-Greek unions to go on strike over cuts

IMF calls on EU to grant Greece debt relief

 * * *

PressTV-Rousseff: I’ll fight my way back to power

PressTV-Brazil court suspends lower house 

The Next US Coup in Latin America: Obama Takes Aim at Venezuela’s Maduro

Fitch Downgrades Brazil’s IDRs to BB With Negative Outlook

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Thursday (evening), May 5, 2016 . . . a bit of late night news. . .

Zerohedge: Trump Says If Economy Crashes “Can Make A Deal”, “Will Renegotiate Debt”  I hope it is becoming apparent to people that Trump can only function under the present system. Apparently, he doesn’t have a clue about its total corruption. The whole matrix must come down, not just the financial system. It’s far too corrupt to fix, but Trump doesn’t understand this. Hillary Clinton understands well the corruption, because she is a part of it. 

Calling himself ‘the king of debt’ in his business dealings, Donald Trump warned correctly this morning that the national debt would be troublesome if the cost of borrowing increases, asking rhetorically, “we’re paying a very low interest rate. What happens if that interest rate goes up 2, 3, 4 points? …We don’t have a country. The U.S. should “renegotiate longer-term debt,” he added rather shockingly to the CNBC anchors, and with the recent surge in US Treasury default risk (now at 3-month highs), it appears the market is growing more nervous also.

Zerohedge: FBI Interviews Clinton’s Top Personal Aide As Email Investigation Heats Up

As we reported yesterday, just when Hillary thought the email scandal was behind her, and she could shift her focus to the newly minted GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, an order by Judge Emmet Sullivan of the U.S. District Court decided to lay out ground rules for interviewing multiple State Department employees. One key name in the order was longtime Clinton personal aide Huma Abedin, who as The Hill reports, was indeed interviewed today by the FBI, along with other top aides, some multiple times.


Zerohedge: Remember That “Taxation Without Representation” Thing? It’s Happening Again

!!!!!!! America: Freedom to Fascism (documentary video) I’ve published this video several time over the years, and I think it is a MUST WATCH for everyone!

Is there a law that requires Americans to pay tax?

Maine Democrats to vote on eliminating superdelegates

Trump sets off Cinco de Mayo controversy with ‘taco bowl’ tweet

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